With Friends Like These…

The BYU Lacrosse team got noticed by an NCAA D1 legend yesterday. Cougars getting recognized a lot lately. 2012 MCLA field is on notice.

BYU Lacrosse got a very meaningful shout-out from one of Provo’s favorite sons: Jimmer.  Yep.

This dropped on Jimmer’s account (@jimmerfredette) yesterday morning, just before Noon, Mountain Standard Time:

It doesn’t hurt to have the support of the biggest name to come out of your campus since Steve Young (apologies to Ty Detmer).

It also didn’t hurt that the lacrosse team was recently honored at halftime of one of BYU’s football games for their 2011 MCLA National Championship.

That status Fredette posted was also his last of this writing, being the latest thought viewed by thousands of followers (68000+).

Jimmer is similar to Tim Tebow in that he seems to get lots of love and hate, but the kid had heart and he didn’t get to where he is now by not working.  Translating his work ethic to the lacrosse team at BYU provides a vote of confidence for the sport there, and throughout the MCLA.  Training on November 3rd won’t win you the 2012 title, but the teams that want to be in Greenville aren’t taking time off right now.

School support is oozing out of the mountainside in Provo, any chance we get to see any of their rings?

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  1. I spoke with BYU’s assistance coach’s wife and asked about the rings, and she told me that they have not gotten rings yet, but if/when they do, she will post pictures.

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