Welcome to LacrosseRoads of America

Welcome to LacrosseRoads of America, your inside look at the Indiana University lacrosse team.
Indiana University Lacrosse

Indiana University Lacrosse

Editor’s note: Dan Helfrich, senior captain of the Indiana University lacrosse team, introduces “LacrosseRoads of America” the official blog of IU.

We never dreamt this day would come, but alas, it’s here! LacrosseRoads of America will be chronicling IU Lacrosse’s 2011 campaign discussing practice, games, and anything else we find interesting. In case you didn’t understand the pun right away, Indiana is known as the Crossroads of America. If you did understand it, we apologize for underestimating your knowledge of state nicknames. Lacrosse All Stars is allowing our team to post whatever it is that relates (or doesn’t) to IU Lacrosse.

Why? Who knows. Are we excited about it?

Ron Burgundy

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Yup, that excited. 412 Lax gives you a look through Coach Tumbas’ eyes about the program. LRA will provide you with the players’ point of view. Peep here for a more than interesting blob authored by LRA writer Matt Anderson as a look into what you can expect from us. We’d be shocked if you read that and didn’t care to read more.

Interested in a mini introduction of the players/writers? If you answered yes…you’re in luck. If you answered no…hm.

Off we go.

Matt Anderson

Matt (aka Ocho, aka Manderson) is a junior attackman from Indianapolis. He has been a Hoosier his entire life, born and bred in Indiana. He spent last semester in London playin’ a bit-o-lax and hangin’ out. Matt hunts and gathers.

Indiana Lacrosse, Mizzou

Peter Moore

Peter is from Lake Forest, Illinois. After a stint at Adrian College he was lucky enough to land at Indiana University and is more than happy with his decision. Peter’s favorite TV show is the bachelor and one day hopes to write a series of erotic novels.  He also finds beauty in most, if not all, of Avril Lavigne’s art.

Jeff Redish

Jeff was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has been playing lacrosse for 11 years. He’s currently a junior, captain, and plays LSM. His hobbies include dangling, de-twigging kids, and spraying young children with hoses.

Indiana Lacrosse, Eastern Michigan

Mike Shagi

Mike has been playing lacrosse since the 1st grade. At the start of 4th grade his family moved to the lacrosse mecca that is Wilton, Connecticut. He is currently a junior, and is the self-proclaimed best dressed member of the team.

Indiana Lacrosse

Zach Trefzger

Zach is a junior midfielder majoring in Sports Marketing with a minor in Business. Born and raised in Rockville, MD, he’s played lacrosse his whole life. Experience includes years of youth lacrosse in Olney, MD; 4 years of high school lacrosse and 4 years as an intern for the team formerly known as the Washington Bayhawks. Here to talk a little lax and a little of everything else.

Indiana Lacrosse

Dan Helfrich

A native of Northbrook, Illinois, Dan played his ball at Glenbrook North High School. He is a senior captain and sports #16 on the pitch. His shooting most closely resembles Jesse Hubbard and his quickness Shamel and Rhamel Bratton, combined. He enjoys a clementine with his lunch every day.

Indiana Lacrosse

So come along friends, family, laxrats, bros, as we embark on the sacred journey that is the lacrosse season. We will be posting here on MCLA Fan until we release some more exciting news in the near future. It’s going to be a great year with Coach Tumbas at the helm, and we can’t wait to share it on the interweb. If nothing else, you’ll at least have a laugh or two. Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll check in from time to time, especially if you aren’t one of our parents. We do love you though, parents.

    1. hahaha i thought somebody would make a comment like that. And rjdubs I knew that person would be you

  1. Wasn’t your former Coach just the nastiest, sexiest, most gorgeous human alive? Rumor has it he dominated practice on a daily basis with his extraordinary puns and mind-blowing facial expressions.

    1. No in regards to sexiest, most gorgeous, i think you’re talking about his girlfriend (nastiest has yet to be determined)… and i dont know if “mind” blowing is the word either…

  2. Fresh is the only word I can think to describe these.  One color gloves are magnificent.

  3. Best ones now, off the shelf. I’m glad I won’t have to see them dirty, might hurt my heart a little

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