Tommies gearing up for 2013, already…

Christmas has come early (way early) for the St. Thomas Tommies.

Recently, we received a little email from a member of St. Thomas Tommies, looks like they were very good this year and got an early Christmas present for next season. Teddy O’Reilly is quite the relentless little attackman. Keep up with all things St. Thomas here.

Christmas has come early for the Tommies. St. Thomas gains two talented high school verbal commits for the way future 2013 lacrosse season.

(P.S) check out the stick check at :50 sec!!

PlayerTeddy O’Reilly #4 – Attack – Class of 2012

[stu alias="fivestar1"][/stu]

School: Minnetonka High School, MN

Mascot: Skippers

MN Player Rank: 07

National Player Rank: 499

Committed: University of St. Thomas


Player:  Danny Burke #7 – Class of 2012

School: Edina High School, MN

Mascot: Hornets

MN Player Rank: 23

National Player Rank: 1154

Committed: University of St. Thomas

    1. You don’t always need two hands if you can get to your dominant hand.  Kid looks pretty good to me for MCLA D2.  That’s not meant to be knock at all.  Only question is why did they have a string of saves and pipes on his highlight tape?  

    1. If it’s legal it’s legal. The kid seems small, but pretty decent and aggressive which is a good thing. St. Thomas is too good for D2 club, they need to be challenged.

  1. CLUB LACROSSE! Get a grip. “Verbal Commits”??? Haha. This isn’t sec football. You club rats are funny.

    1. … which is why you’re reading, and posting on, a website completely devoted to club lacrosse

  2. Young gun better learn how to use some left, good D-poles eats one handers for lunch. But Hes an atheltic kid! cant wait. 

  3. Kid has a nice shot and a knack for riding. However, I’d love an explanation for much his content after the 1 minute mark. Diving for no reason? Pipers? Multiple shots saved by keep? I don’t question his shooting ability, but I do question the intelligence of whoever put this highlight tape together.

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