The Goal Celebration

Call me inspired.

In case you didn’t see it, a downright tragedy occurred in yesterday’s Pinstripe Bowl.  Kansas State scored a touchdown to make it a two point game, needing the two pt. conversion to tie.  However, something happened in between to increase the difficulty:

Hmmm, drawing attention to oneself.  Last time I checked a salute is meant to draw attention to the person(s) being saluted.  Anyways, that ended up being worthy of a 15 yard penalty (however, since it was a Big Ten reffing crew it was only marked off 14 yards).

Got me thinkin’…

What’s the best MCLA goal celebration you’ve ever seen?

I’ve seen some creative ones in my MCLA days.  None that got flagged like the salute of course, and I have even run across the salute several times in fact.  I’ve even had one of my own players wobble them wrists.  You can see some [non-MCLA] goal celebrations from Inside Lacrosse here.

Lay your best (or worst?) MCLA goal celebration experience on us in the comments!

And don’t talk about an OT goal celebration.  Golden goals are so adrenaline-packed and crazy that there is no true artistry.  We’re looking for clever, creative, and even disrespectful dancing and gloating as it occurs in the middle of a game.  Nothing where you can just run away from your opponent after you’ve already won.

Are there players that celebrate with style?  Teams that constantly choreograph?  Is one conference show-boating more than another?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

  1. I once scored a goal giving us a two point lead midway through the 4th. I ran back to the bench high stepping, was told never to do that again, and didn’t play the rest of the game.

  2. It’s an OT goal, but when I was at Charlotte, we were playing in the conference semifinals vs Elon. Our attack Mike Ganzert scored the goal somehow with about a minute left. His celebration? running and jumping into a trashcan located on the opposite sideline.

  3. It was the first goal of the season and our star player scored it. Right after he scored he held his stick up in the air and did some kind of cowboy hop in circles all the while screaming..YAHHOOOO! Haha thinking about that makes me laugh..

  4. PCLL Playoffs last year. UNH scored late in 4th to go up by something like 8 and UNH 3 middies did a curling celebration with one person pushing and two sweeping in front of a pretty big crowd. Was pretty good.

    1. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Unflagged? If so this goes to the top of the list for awesomeness!

  5. we had a guy take the ball the length of the field, dodge a couple opposing players (all with a longstick), get an assist then run back along the sideline and grab a beer out of his friends hand and chug some of it before running back on to the field. Refs didn’t notice. coaches didn’t notice. As a freshman, my jaw was on the ground. Ron Jeremy did what he wanted though. he also used to pee on the field if we were playing an away game. ah, college.

  6. Sadly I have several, the one that sticks out the most is when we had a long pole score and the pole place the head of the stick on the ground as an attack ripped grass and put it in the head, then pretending to light it like a pipe hit.

  7. PNCLL Our team’s best midfielder scored to go up 10 in the 4th over a team expecting to destroy us. Heading back the bench he stopped and threw and imaginary ball into the air and hit a homerun. Flagged

  8. FSU VS Georgia a couple years back after a goal the FSU offense put their sticks together and made a camp fire and warmed their hands over the fire while one attackman did push ups…

  9. I play at a school where kayaking is a big deal. So after a goal this last fall i jumped on my buddies back, he ran, and i used my spoon as an oar and kayaked back to the bench. No flag. instead the ref cracked up and complemented me on it after the game. Wish that guy would ref our games more often

  10. summer tourn… kid scored and layed flat on the ground uusing his stick as a sniper rifle. other attackman crouched next to him using his hands as though they were binoculars. tapped the “rifleman’s” shoulder, and he acted as he was picking someone off.. our goalie then flopped on his back

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