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Freshman FOGO Brett Parisi of Tennessee will be blogging with MCLA Fan this season, check out his first installment where he talks all things Tennessee and preparing for the Vol Invitational.

Since this is a blog, the first one at that, I get to be blatantly not objective. Which is SO fantastic coming from when I’m on the radio, where I don’t get to have any rooting interest, especially the kind where I get to say I HATE Florida. (It was great seeing you guys in Gainesville this February)

What’s on my mind…


I’ve barely slept since Sunday night. We had 5:50am practice Tuesday morning, and then we’re following that up with a 9:00 practice tonight. Got up today at 7:00 to sneak my final lift in before the weekend of games, and so far today, I’m only on my third cup of coffee. Which is mind blowing to me, seeing as I’ve recently acquired a Keurig Addiction-based automatic coffee system, and that thing is just like pouring gasoline in the fire.

The Enforcer

We really needed spring break, because this Vol team had some injuries, that we luckily got a two-three week window to sure up.

Since everyone is now rested up, we have a short week of practice (only days on the field) before we head down to Memphis to meet Indiana and 412Lax Friday evening.

All I know about that team is that they are expert bloggers. So it remains to be seen if that translates on the field. Seeing as we’ve yet to beat them in our history, I’m guessing that there’s something to this blogging stuff.

Meeting Texas A&M and UConn in the following days will be interesting. A&M has played some of the best teams in the MCLA this year and is almost halfway done with their season, and UConn will surely have fresh legs in their first weekend of the season.

We had a let down before spring break losing to Auburn in OT, after beating the Gators the week before. It’s something that I really think is going to fuel this team, and I know that it’s all I’ve been thinking about spending my spring break in front of an empty cage with a bucket of balls (which only helps so much seeing as I’m a FOGO).

In the next two weeks we could come out 7-3, 2-8, or anywhere in between; needless to say, the next five games are extremely important.

It would be nice to come out of this weekend with some big out of conference wins to carry the fight back to the SELC. After this weekend, VT, GT, and SoCar are all still on the schedule, so it only gets harder from here out.

I love this game.

I’ll probably post more on that during the ride down to M.E.M.P.H.I.S.

J.P. Prince do we ever miss you.

Obviously with Bruce gone there are a couple of things that concern me. To name names… Kevin Ware and Chris Jones.

Two EXTREMELY important recruits who want out of their LOIs. If Tennessee has any hope of keeping these kids, Mike Hamilton has got to get this turned around fast and have a coach lined up by the time the final four is up.

It doesn’t help that half the coaches Tennessee wants are still playing in the Tournament right now…

Unrealistic No. 1: Brad Stevens, Butler. 116-24 career record.

He’s young and he wins. He’s fresh off a national championship appearance a year ago, and a win over no. 1 seed Pitt (a feat matched by us earlier in the season) put them into the sweet 16.

Realistic No. 1: Lawrence Frank. 225-241 at the NJ Nets.

Dude has Tennessee ties. Always has been a great scheme coach, knows his Xs and Os. Everybody who goes into big time D1 basketball wants to go to the NBA… Just sayin.

I’d be okay with Shaka (Flocka Flame) Smart too..

In other news, pretty soon lacrosse will be the number one sport after Roger Godell slowly kills the NFL

What I’ll be listening on the way down to Memphis.

Finna go loco in about 2 days.

I know I gave my all for Tennessee today.


  1. Brett – check your history books. Tennessee used to dish out some profound beatings to Indiana in my day. We lost to them in ’97, but beat them handily the next three years. I believe we beat them by more than 20 in 2000. That win helped us get our #5 national ranking the following week.

    Nice blog. Keep it up!

    – JPW

    1. Thank you! I didn’t quite do enough research on that, ran the risk of failure.

      To clarify, we’ve dropped the last 2 meetings. Sorry guys!

      1. No problem. Get those boys together come tourney time. Its been 11 years since the last one. Far too long. Also, I have some fantastic pictures from back in the day. If you want to post any on your blog, I’ll gladly forward them. Please tell me you’ve seen the Team Jort picture.

        1. I’ll do my best. This weekend will be a great measuring stick to see what we’ve learned from the Auburn game. and Hahaha yes i am familiar with this picture, it is a classic. I’m all for old lax pictures, will definitely put them in the blog for the upcoming division games, you can send them my way to bpreezy@gmail.com

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