St. Thomas Lacrosse Promo Video

The Tommies have “No Time for Dreaming” because they preparing for a run at the 2012 MCLA D2 National Championship. Check out their promo video for this season!

The Tommies recently released a promo video for the 2012 season. “No Time for Dreaming” is a perfect title for the program in their quest for a 3rd title after being defeated by Davenport 14-9 last season in the Championship game.

Good on yea Tommies, check out their 2012 schedule below from the website.

Keep up with St. Thomas Lacrosse via their Twitter and homepage.


  1. Weak schedule! The only good teams worth playing are davenport and St. Johns. Not one D1 team? Come on! Very disappointing for a top 3 team. Weak!!

    1. Final MCLA poll from last year…
      Davenport #1
      St. John’s #5
      Westminster #7
      NDSU #10
      Missouri Baptist #12
      Concordia #13
      Northern Colorado #17

      7 teams out of their 11 games finished in the top 20. Three of the others are in their conference and have to be played, the other (Missouri State) did not finished ranked, but was in the top 15 just a few weeks prior to nationals I believe.

      Also, there is no reason to play DI teams – doesn’t effect placement in to nationals, and in theory they are officially scrimmages.

      1. True playing D1 teams does not effect placement at all. But I guess if you then look at it that way, it can’t hurt you or help you, so why not?

        From what ive seen St. Thomas really can’t be touched by anybody outside the top 5, so it might be a good idea for them to play D1 games or even NCAA games to give them more even competition.

        It seem like a lot of D2 teams are playing D1 games now, so you think St. Thomas might do the same.

        1. Better question – why would a DI team want to play a DII ream and risk losing. While it may not technically effect their rank (though it may…), what would that do to their reputation? It’s a no win situation for them – if they win the game then who cares they’re supposed to, if they lose then they look bad. Particularly with a good team like St. Thomas, some DI teams would question whether they could win.

          Second aspect is $$. Have to pay money for refs and fields and travel. It adds up financially for a games that really don’t benefit either side.

          1. Why is a D1 team suppose to win against a D2 team? What makes D1 teams better than D2 in CLUB lacrosse? They don’t get any scholarships or incentives like NCAA.
            I personally think they should throw out the different divisions in club lacrosse because it is meaningless and it sways people judgement which takes away from the game. The definition that defines D1 between D2 is very poorly outlined, is is not followed anyway soo..why have it?

            To answer your question as to why a D1 team would play a D2 team:
            1. A D1 team is not “suppose” to win against a D2 team, I don’t know why people think that way with club lacrosse, its so dumb. maybe you can answer why a D1 team should win against a D2 team. What advantage does a d1 team have over D2??
            2. A team should recognize good competition no matter what division, and play those teams that will give them the most competiton and will challenge the team. In st. Thomas’ case, I think most people Would agree they would be a top 15 D1 team, what would be the shame is losing to a team like that? I don’t think any.

            I agree with you on the money aspect. But if there was only one division, teams would be playing a lot more competitve games that fit the skill level of the team. you would only have one national tourmament which would save a lot of cash. You could even expand the tournament and add more teams to it making it much more interesting while saving money.

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