SELC Power Rankings- Dawgs Need No Mustard, Coastal New #1

Scott MacPherson is back on the SELC Blog with Power Rankings and playoff information for both SELC D1 and D2 college lacrosse. It’s a HYPER competitive year! The knowledge, the math, the love of SELC Lacrosse. It’s all here!
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SELC D1 Power Rankings:

This week sees yet another change at the top of the SELC D1 Power Rankings, and GEORGIA is top Dawg!  Georgia earned a decisive victory over in-division rival Georgia Tech (which dropped 5 places to #9) to complete an undefeated Southwest Division Championship.

I did not see the Virginia Tech loss to West Virginia coming at all!  Virginia Tech moves to #2 and the Mountaineers jump 5 places to #12. That victory by West Virginia creates complete CHAOS in the Northwest division. Add to this the Tennessee (moved up 4 places to #8) 1 goal victory over Kentucky (dropped 1 spot to #11) and you have “Double CHAOS?!?!”

Streaking Florida  (up 2 places to #6) defeated UCF (down 3 places to #10) and now the battle of the Gators and Seminoles decides the Southeast division title. By all indications, the Gators are peaking at the right time.

SELC D2 Power Rankings:

Florida Gulf Coast’s 
(moves to #4) 13-9 victory over Palm Beach Atlantic (down to #5) vaulted Coastal Carolina in to this week’s #1 SELC D2 Power Ranking spot! Coastal Carolina took care of their own “Bizness” by defeating SELC D1 East Carolina. Coastal Carolina is as good as any  team in the SELC D2, very talented in all phases of the game and doesn’t back down from a challenge.

ELON moved up a slot to #6 with 12-11 win over Liberty, who moved down 2 slots to #7. I was in Elon, NC for the ELON – Liberty game. ELON is a totally different team now, than when I saw the Phoenix a few weeks ago when they lost to Coastal CarolinaELON will be quite a difficult “out” in the SELC Tourney for any team. Liberty was just one play away from a victory.

Let’s talk SCAD. I moved SCAD up 2 slots to #2. I even surprised myself with that move! SCAD was destroyed by Palm Beach Atlantic a few weeks back. In my eyes SCAD came back to full recovery with that non-conference win over defending MCLA CHAMPION and highly ranked Davenport. But SCAD did not take care of business in their own division and as I understand it, loses out in tie-breakers and is OUT of the SELC Tourney!

There is “no” cruising through your SELC division schedule any more. It’s BIZARRO LAND, as my #2 team in the SELC doesn’t make SELC CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY! But that’s how I see it right now.

The Top 7! I have seen Coastal CarolinaELON (twice) and Liberty. In my opinion any of the SELC D2 Power Ranked 1 through 7 teams are capable of winning the SELC D2 Championship. This year’s SELC CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY  will be “ultra” competitive. Last year we saw 4 “Blow-outs” in the tourney. That ain’t happening this year.

The playoffs are coming, and everything will be settled soon enough!  It’s a great year of college lacrosse in the SELC, both at the D1 and D2 levels, and who ends up as the true champion is still up in the air!

  1. Skimmed through this because I am on the run, but this is one the most informative pieces you guys have posted on here! Great Job, I cant wait to read a little deeper and figure out how to cut my own leathers! Thanks Brian

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Scott MacPherson is back with another killer rundown on the SELC lacrosse action. There is no better conference to follow than the SELC because of Scott's dedicated reporting! He makes it so easy!