SELC Kicks Off 2011 MCLA season!

And so it begins!  The first game of the 2011 MCLA season occurred last night in Waleska, Georgia. The Reinhardt College Eagles defeated the Furman Paladins by a score of 15-7 in the first official game of the 2011 MCLA season!

Reinhardt is an NAIA school, so they are funded by the school’s athletic department. Their inaugural season was just last year (2010) when they went 0-8.


A congratulatory Eagle!

Most NAIA schools that have joined the MCLA have been able to quickly become successful.  Just look at Davenport, Tennessee Wesleyan, and Westminster.  It will be interesting to watch this program’s maturation.

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This win also avenged last year’s 15-14 loss to Furman on the road.  This game was not a divisional game in the SELC for the two teams.

Junior midfielder Channing Hoyt scored a whopping nine (yeah 9! holy poop!) goals for Reinhardt in the game.  He added an assist for good measure to get to double digits.*

Channing Hoyt (Jr., Alpharetta, GA) - your scoring leader for the first day/week/month?

Channing is also a cross country runner as his nifty little jacket shows.  10 points in the first game of the season, no big deal.  With this, he has almost equaled his 14 total points in the 2010 season.  Someone was hitting the wall!

Congrats Eagles, way to kick off the season right!

*stats from game report on  Currently, tallied goals for Reinhardt only equal 13.  So maybe Hoyt had 11 goals?

  1. Varsity NAIA will continue to take over the national scene in D-II this year. In 3 or 4 years i see the majority of teams in the national tournament hunt to be NAIA varsity teams.

    1. It’s very likely. NAIA will certainly get a treatment in another article, the MCLA certainly doesn’t have a “final answer” on how to deal with them currently.

      What makes NAIA teams so hard to define, is that instead of being a square peg in a round hole, they are more like a hexagonal peg in a round hole. A lot of people think they belong, and a lot of other people believe they are doing more harm than good. Interesting to see how they continue to compete, but as of yet no NAIA team has won a title, or even been to the title game.

        1. Oh damn, my bad, and I have just de-legitimized my knowledge, for some reason I went from St. Thomas to Montana in my head, yeeeeeesh.

      1. Westminster won in ’08. Were they not NAIA varsity yet?

        To me, i love NAIA teams, as they bring up the level of par in Division II as a whole, it keeps teams in the top 16 constantly having to improve both athletically and administratively in order to keep up. DU is on the cusp of being a title game team. Their being around forces GVSU, Dayton, GCC, Hope, and the rest of the CCLA to “step-up” in every facet of their organization. I’d say SCAD and TWC do the same for the SELC, MBU does the same for the GRLC, and Westminster does the same for the RMLC. It pushes D-II from the “developmental” stigma to being a legitimate league for small schools, small teams, and athletes who chose that avenue for schooling.

      2. I think the NAIA belongs. The MCLA’s growth is helped by having varsity programs. Allowing varsity programs, IMO, gives legitimacy to the league in helping lose the “club” stigma. Plus, when I schedule games with those schools, I know they aren’t going to back out, not field enough players, match, etc. People can complain that it is unfair but I think the MCLA should be an NCAA alternative for teams who would otherwise field men’s lacrosse but cannot due to title IX, or for varsity teams not competing in the NCAA, and I say this from a school that is considered “club” and funded as such. If it were up to me, every school who had men’s lacrosse as a club or varsity but was not in the NCAA would be MCLA, and every school with a varsity and club, the club would be NCLL, or NECLL.

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