SELC – Games Of Interest – Control Vs. Kaos

Scott MacPherson is back with the last regular season SELC Games Of Interest and the game have never been bigger. SELC tourney spots are on the line and it promises for GREAT college lacrosse!


Friday April 20th – Tallahassee, FL – Florida @ Florida State
–  Both are 3-0 in Southeast division, this game decides the championship, and the loser goes to SELC Tourney too. I’m thinkin’ that I should have a lot more to say about this game, but all I hear is an ESPN promo! Lets try it, picture in your mind (I’m old, so my reference point is, well old… google it!)

Keith Jackson says, “It’s the GATORS and the SEMINOLES, the rivalry, SELC Northeast Championship, and most importantly, the BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Friday April 20th – Richmond, VA – West Virginia @ Richmond –  Northwest division game and the first “EVER” clash between the Mountaineers (1-1) and the Spiders (0-2).  West Virginia is coming off the huge win over Virginia Tech. Richmond has been struggling ever since their win over South Carolina a month ago. A victory for West Virginia would be huge and sets chance to win the Northwest Division on Saturday against the Volunteers! A Richmond win, and it is really complete and utter “KAOS” in the division!

Saturday April 21st – Columbia, SC – Wake Forest @ South Carolina – This Northeast Division game decides who represents the division as the second place representative. Both team are 2-1 in division. Wake Forest is coming off an 8-6 win over ELON. Gamecocks beat in-division NC State 18-11 with a 10 goal 3rd quarter explosion. The Gamecocks hold a slight series edge winning 3 of the last 5.

Saturday April 21st – Lexington, KY – Virginia Tech @ Kentucky – Another key Northwest Division game, this one in Lexington, as the 2-1 Hokies and 2-1 Wildcats get after it for an SELC Tourney spot. I did not think that I would be saying that at the beginning of the season. Virginia Tech is coming off that stunning road loss to West Virginia. Kentucky can make an amazing season really amazing. I’m going going to say that the winner of this game is “in” as I don’t think theere will not be a 3 way tie for the division title. But we have to go to Richmond, VA to get the real answer.

Saturday April 21st – Richmond, VA – Tennessee @ West Virginia – Yes, it’s a Northwest Division game, again. If West Virginia beats Richmond on friday night, the Mountaineers “could” be playing the Volunteers for the division championship, but that’s only if Virginia Tech beats Kentucky. Tennessee and West Virginia seem to playing their best lacrosse of the season, at the right time.

Sunday April 22nd – Richmond, VA – Tennessee @ Richmond –  Northwest Division game BLAH BLAH BLAH…OK,  so if Richmond beats WVU on friday night, Tennessee loses to WVU on saturday and  then whoever wins this game, could be in a 3 way tie for second place and have a shot at the final Northwest  SELC Tourney slot. And that my friends would be “KAOS”!


Saturday April 21st – Charleston, SC – Charleston @ the Citadel – Northeast Division game and it decides who goes to the SELC Tourney as the #2 Northeast division representative. Both teams are 2-1 in division. City rivalry, northeast division game, winner goes to the SELC Tourney, my Vegas bookie has this as a “pick ‘um” game!

Sunday April 22nd – Conway, SC – UNC Charlotte @ Coastal Carolina – Northeast Division game. The statistical comparisons for these two teams are, ahhhh,  “interesting” ; Goals for: Coastal 122, UNCC 53, Goals Against: Coastal 60 UNCC 127. Coastal goes for an undefeated Northeast Division Championship, UNC Charlotte is looking for their first win of the season. UNC Charlotte is undefeated in the last 3 games with Coastal Carolina.

– Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT on twitter!

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