SELC D2 – What Did We Learn This Week?

Scott MacPherson is back on MCLAFan with a recap of the SELC D2 season so far! What have we learned, who is looking up, and what can we expect moving forward?

EN: The 2012 SELC Lacrosse season is underway. As best as he can each week, Scott MacPherson will wrap up the previous week’s SELC D2 games. Scott will add his perspective on what the games mean in the bigger picture of SELC D2 divisional races, the SELC Championship tourney and maybe even the MCLA National picture.

Here we go, “SELC D2 – What did we learn this week?”

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Northeast Division

Charleston (div.1-0, over.2-1) – Lost to South Carolina 12-7 the previous weekend. I was at that game, it was 8-2 going into the the 4th quarter. The CofC second team outscored the Gamecocks 5-4 in the 4th. Defeated UNC-Charlotte 16-9, in Charlotte. The Cougars an 8-4 lead against Davidson going into the 4th quarter and held on for another road win, 10-6. College of Charleston is one of my sleeper teams. I think they have the all the parts to have a successful year. They just need to gain some confidence and that will come over the course of the season. This program is on the rise.

Citadel (div.1-1, over.1-2) – Lost an early divisional opener at home with Coastal Carolina 19-7. Lost on the road to Davidson 10-7. The Citadel actually had the lead going into the 4th 5-4, but Davidson “nicked” Citadel’s defense for 6 goals in the 4th.

Coastal Carolina (div.1-0, over.2-0) – Defeated the Citadel on the road 19-7. Defeated Georgia Southern 10-4 on the road.

UNC-Charlotte (div.0-2, over.0-2) – Lost at home to Charleston 16-9. The 49ers were only down by 3 goals going into the 4th, but were outscored 5-1 in the 4th. It was the same “MO” in another home loss 11-6 to the Citadel. The 49ers were outscored 5-1 in the 4th.

Wofford (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Northeast Division Comments: With 2 divisional loses already UNC-Charlotte looks to be out of the divisional playoff race. The coaches poll had the 49ers winning this division based on a #5 ranking. Let the mayhem begin! Opportunity abounds! Let’s see who goes for it.

Northwest Division

Appalachian State (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Davidson (div.0-0, over.1-1) – Went 1-1 at home over the weekend, with a 10-7 , come from behind victory over the Citadel . Davidson scored 6 goals in the 4th after trailing 5-4 at the end of the 3rd .Lost 10-7 to Charleston. Davidson trailed Charleston 5-4 at the half

Elon (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Liberty (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Southern Virginia (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Northwest Division Comments: SELC D2 semi-finalist Elon is the betting choice in the Northwest.

Southeast Division

Florida Gulf Coast (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Georgia Southern (div.0-0, over.0-1) – Lost at home to Coastal Carolina 10-4.

North Florida (div.0-0, over.0-2) – Lost twice, at home to D1 UCF 32-6 (ouch!) and D1 South Florida 11-6.

Palm Beach Atlantic (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

SCAD (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Southeast Division Comments: SCAD is the defending SELC D2 champion. I caught the Bees in a couple of fall ball games. Yes, they have reloaded and are the favorite for the 2012 title.

Southwest Division

Emory (div.0-1, over.0-1) – Lost to Reinhardt 13-6. Did not see that coming.

Kennesaw State (div.0-2, over.0-2) – I was going to say, excellent win over hometown D1 rival Georgia Tech 9-2, but I see now that KSU has forfeited the game. Thats interesting. Also lost to instate D1 rival Georgia 13-3.

Reinhardt (div.1-0, over.1-0) – Defeated Emory 13-6. Looks like Reinhardt lead the entire game. Nice work by those Eagles.

Tennessee Wesleyan (div.0-1, over.0-1) – Lost to CCLA power Dayton 19-6.

Southwest Division Comments: I was a bit stunned when I saw that Kennesaw defeated Georgia Tech 9-2. I did see KSU play in the fall and at that point they were still looking for an identity on offense. That isn’t surprising considering that they lost 80+ goals to graduation. Not sure what the forfeit really means for KSU, but it can’t be good. KSU was #3 in the coaches poll. Reinhardt’s victory over Emory is a another stunner. Emory was #4 and Reinhardt #19 in the coaches poll. Looks to be many changes in my power rankings.

Look for my SELC D2 Power Rankings soon. The first rankings should be interesting.

Have information or comments, shoot’em my way.

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT

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