SELC D2 – What Did We Learn This Week?

Two SELC D2 victories over SELC D1 teams and Emory’s free fall highlight the week that was in the SELC D2.

Each week Scott MacPherson will be updating us on the SELC action from across D1 and D2.  Here is the weekly in-depth D2 report!

Northeast Division

Charleston (div.1-1, over.2-2) – Lost to divisional rival Coastal Carolina 12-8 at home.
Citadel (div.1-1, over.1-3) – A home loss to SELC D2 heavyweight Elon 11-4.
Coastal Carolina (div.2-0, over.3-0) – Road divisional victory for CCU as they held off a pesky Charleston team 12-8.
UNC-Charlotte (div.0-2, over.0-2) – Did not play
Wofford (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Northeast Division Notes: Coastal Carolina (CCU), 2-0 in the division, is in the drivers seat for the division title. CCU was up 8-5 at the end of the 3rd quarter and was able hold off Charleston. That is some good work by CCU, taking a close lead and holding it throughout the game and getting the road win. For Charleston, not all is lost as they are 1-1 in the division, they just couldn’t find a way to win this one.

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Northwest Division

Appalachian State (div.0-0, over.1-0) – Nice opening home win over SELC D1 East Carolina 12-11.
Davidson (div.0-1, over.1-3) – Lost to SELC D1 Wake Forest 14-3 and divisional rival Liberty 15-11.
Elon (div.0-0, over.1-0) – Defeated the Citadel 11-4 on the road.
Liberty (div.1-0, over.1-0) – Liberty took care of Davidson 15-11 on the road for a nice divisional season opening victory.
Southern Virginia (div.0-0, over.0-1) – SVU lost a squeaker to Reinhardt 12-11

Northwest Division Notes: Lots going on in the Northwest Division. Nice win by Appalachian State over D1 ECU. Tied going into the 4th quarter, Appalachian State won the 4th 4-3 and the game 12-11. That is a great way to start the season. In another game that was tied going into the 4th quarter, Liberty outscored Davidson 7-3 to earn a 15-11 road win. Taking a game over in the 4th is a trait all teams strive for. Southern Virginia could not score a goal in the 4th and lost on the road to Reinhardt. SVU went into 4th with a 2 goal lead but could not “seal the deal”. The Northwest Division is shaping up to be a very competitive. There is no question the Elon is “Top Dog”. Liberty and Appalachian State seem to be in the next tier. Davidson and Southern Virginia are just a competitive notch below but are quite competitive and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did some damage in the division.

Southeast Division

Florida Gulf Coast (div.0-0, over.1-0) – Nice opening to the season for FGCU, defeated D1 the “U” handily 13-4 at home.
Georgia Southern (div.0-0, over.1-1) – Defeated Emory 14-4 at home.
North Florida (div.0-1, over.0-3) – Got blasted by SCAD 22-1 at home.
Palm Beach Atlantic (div.0-0, over.0-1) – Lost on the road D1 Florida, in “Gatorland” 11-7.
SCAD (div.1-0, over.1-0) – Blasted UNF 22-1.

Southeast Division Notes: SCAD started the season as expected. Georgia Southern took down a slumping Emory team. None the less it is a really nice win by GSU as Emory is always a quality squad. So nice work by GSU. Florida Gulf Coast provided the second SELC D2 team victory over a SELC D1 squad for the weekend.SCAD is easily the class of the division and SELC D2. Despite it’s loss to the Gators, PBAU appears to be #2 in the division. Are FGCU and Georgia Southern capable? UNF, can they rebound from the sting of the Bee’s?

Southwest Division

Emory (div.0-1, over.0-2) – Road loss to Georgia Southern 14-4.
Kennesaw State (div.0-0, over.0-2) – Did not play.
Reinhardt (div.1-0, over.2-0) – Defeated Southern Virginia 12-11 at home.
Tennessee Wesleyan (div.0-0, over.0-1) – Did not play.

Southwest Division Notes: In the November SELC D2 coaches poll, Emory was ranked #4 and seen as the primary competitor to defending divisional champ Kennesaw State. It appears Emory is in a free fall. A blowout loss to #19 Reinhardt in their opener, the head coach resigns, and another blow-out loss to Georgia Southern this week. I hoping that they can get their act together, but it isn’t looking good. Reinhardt’s 12-11 win over SVU, tells me this team is for real. A one goal victory shows character in my book. This is a division of “mystery”! Will Emory “right the ship”? Is Reinhardt for real? Will Tennessee Wesleyan have a say in all this? Kennesaw State remains the top dog but strange things are happening in this division, will it continue?

– Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT 

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