SELC D1 – What Did We Learn This Week: Kentucky is a Lacrosse School

The SELC Division 1 lacrosse playoff picture is coming into focus. Clemson and Kentucky are rolling, South Carolina keeps losing super close games and Alabama looks dangerous!

Northeast Division

Clemson (div. 4-0, overall 13-2) – Beat Missouri 21-6 and South Carolina 9-8
East Carolina (div. 0-4, overall 0-7) – Did not play
NC State (div. 1-2, overall 2-6) – Lost to Ohio U 10-5
South Carolina (div. 1-1, overall 4-5) – Lost to Clemson 9-8
Wake Forest (div. 2-1, overall 4-3) – Losses to Tennessee 9-5 and UCONN 22-6

Northeast Division Notes: Clemson is the undefeated Northeast Division Champion with a thrilling 9-8 victory over the SC Gamecocks in Columbia, SC. It was very much a different game from last years double overtime thriller. The first half was very much like two boxers ducking, probing and searching for their opponents weaknesses.  It was 3-2 at the half.

Clemson found the weaknesses in the Gamecocks and exploited them in the 3rd quarter with 4 unanswered goals, taking a 7-2 lead into the 4th quarter. It did not look good for the Gamecocks going into the 4th and it didn’t start well. Clemson quickly “upped” the lead to 8-2 early in the 4th.  Just as it seemed that Clemson had “blown the game open”, the Gamecocks started playing in what I call “PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR ON FIRE” mode.

The Gamecocks reeled off 6 straight goals to tie the game at 8-8. Clemson, showing the make of a champion, got the game winner with under 15 seconds to play, much to the dismay of the large Gamecocks crowd. 4 of the 5 Gamecocks losses are to MCLA TOP 25 teams by a total of 5 goals! If the Gamecocks put together an entire game they could be very dangerous, at the most important time of the SELC season.

Wake Forest, NC State and South Carolina are now in the battle for the remaining Northeast SELC Tourney spot.

Northwest Division

Kentucky (div. 2-0, overall 4-3) – Defeated Richmond 9-8 in OT
Richmond (div. 0-2, overall 5-2) – Lost to Kentucky 9-8 in OT
Tennessee (div. 0-1, overall 6-5) – Defeated Wake Forest 9-5
Virginia Tech (div. 2-0, overall 11-1) – Defeated New Hampshire 8-6, lost to Buffalo 8-6
West Virginia (div. 0-1, overall 3-2) – Did not play

Northwest Division Notes: WOW! What a win for those Kentucky Wildcats! Did not see that coming and I don’t think Richmond did either. Kentucky is now 2-0 in division, Richmond goes to 0-2 but is not quite out of the the SELC Tourney race. Still a lot of division games to be played, this could get real interesting. Virginia Tech suffered its first loss of the season in a non-division game to Buffalo. I never would have thought that the season ending Virginia Tech – Kentucky game, in Lexington, Kentucky would decide the division championship, but that is what it is starting to look like. The SELC is an amazing conference.

Southeast Division

Central Florida (div. 1-1, overall 8-6) – Lost to Georgia 15-8, Beat Alabama 13-8
Florida (div. 1-0, overall 5-5) – Did not play
Florida State (div. 3-0, overall 10-4) – Blasted Alabama 18-2
Miami (div. 0-2, overall 1-9) – losses to Auburn 13-7 and 9-4 to Georgia Tech
South Florida (div. 0-2, overall 4-4) – Beat Santa Clara 7-4

Southeast Division Notes: No division play this week. FSU is 3-0 in division and can clinch an undefeated division championship with a season ending victory over the Gators, but the Gators are 1-0 in the division and have their own ideas I’m sure. Central Florida remains in the SELC Tourney race with a 1-1 division record and has remaining division games with South Florida and Florida.

Southwest Division

Alabama (div. 1-1, overall 6-6) – Losses to FSU 18-2 and Central Florida 13-8
Auburn (div. 1-2, overall 4-4) – Lost to Georgia Tech 10-9, Beat Miami 13-7
Georgia (div. 3-0, overall 10-2) – Defeated Central Florida 15-8
Georgia Tech (div. 2-1, overall 9-3) – Defeated Auburn 10-9 and Miami 9-4
Mississippi (div. 0-3, overall 3-6) – Did not play

Southwest Division Notes: Nice win by Georgia Tech over division foe Auburn 10-9. Auburn could not hold a slim 8-7 lead going into the 4th quarter. The “GEORGIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME” could also be for the Southeast Division championship (Aub-UGA). But don’t forget Alabama as they have 2 very winnable division games remaining with Mississippi and Auburn. Tide are in a good position.

– Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_report

  1. Tamir Elterman and Jimmy Freedom were two of the best middies I ever played with at UofO. Not sure there was ever two better lock down D-midfielders who could mix it up in all phases of the game. Those kind of players dont always get the pub but they should.

  2. 1. Rabil
    2. Walid Hajj (what an absurd Dodger from Dodgeville)
    3. Kevin Boland (wish I was 5’9, in other words as fast as him, so I could have modeled my game after his)
    4. Matthew Striebel (perhaps the second best middie from Princeton of all time, still don’t believe he’s listed at 6’1)

  3. Sidenote: Danowski is my second favorite attackman of all time (first being Boyle obvi), but good Lord man, how big is the bag in that stick?

  4. Would really love to see all those guys play. I’ve heard Rotelli is the man.

    My all time fave would have to be Jalbert. Fun to watch and seemed like a fierce competitor.

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