SELC D1 – What Did We Learn This Week: The Maybe Edition

The SELC D1 lacrosse season has been great! Teams are fighting for playoff spots and a shot at the conference championship. Scott MacPherson is back on MCLAFan to break it all down for us!

Northeast Division

Clemson (div. 3-0, overall 11-2) – Did not play
East Carolina (div. 0-4, overall 0-7) – Lost to South Carolina 15-12
NC State (div. 1-2, overall 2-2) – Lost to Wake Forest 9-5
South Carolina (div. 1-0, overall 4-4) – Road win at East Carolina 15-12
Wake Forest (div. 2-1, overall 4-1) – Defeated NC State 9-5

Northeast Division Notes: Wake Forest used a stingy defense to shut down NC State (1-2) 9-5 in a big home divisional win. The Demon Deacons, 2-1 in division. have their last division game in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday April 21 and that will decide their playoff hopes. Speaking of the Gamecocks, they traveled to Greenville NC to visit the ECU Pirates. Gamecocks got off to a quick tar and seemingly had this game well in hand early in the 1st quarter.

East Carolina did there “Not so fast” imitation and took the game back in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with hustle, grit and determination. The Pirates went into 4th quarter leading the Gamecocks 8-7. The Gamecocks put their offense on “BLOW TORCH” and singed the Pirate defense for 8 goals in the 4th quarter. Clemson was idle this week.

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Ok, lets all take a deep breath, it’s Clemson(3-0) at South Carolina(1-0) on Friday night in Columbia, SC. Huge division game, but more importantly its for the “South Carolina State Championship”. Last year Clemson beat the Gamecocks in a double overtime thriller.

Northwest Division

Kentucky (div. 1-0, overall 3-3) – Lost to Alabama 18-16, Beat Oklahoma 17-12
Richmond (div. 0-1, overall 5-1) – Lost to Virginia Tech 15-6
Tennessee (div. 0-1, overall 5-5) – Did not play
Virginia Tech (div. 2-0, overall 9-0) – Defeated Richmond 15-6 and Georgia 4-3
West Virginia (div. 0-1, overall 3-2) – Did not play

Northwest Division Notes: Ok, lets get this over with. My tweet on March 18

Virginia Tech had a decisive 15-6 division win over the above mentioned Richmond Spiders. Am I surprised by the score?  Yes, yes I am.  Richmond is a very good team. The Hokies are a “very, very, very” good team , undefeated and getting better each week. The Hokies (2-0 in division) followed that performance up with a gutsy 4-3 victory, in the rain over, a “Bull Dawg” of a Georgia team. It looks like the divisional 2nd place SELC Tourney spot is wide open, as the Hokies seem to have the division locked up.

Oh, and to a certain Virginia Tech Hokie, check the Tweet carefully!  I said “maybe”!  After 30 years in the corporate world, I know how to “cover my ass”! :-) But please keep the conversation on twitter going, I love the interaction and the energy!

Southeast Division

Central Florida (div. 1-1, overall 7-5) – Beat North Texas 19-4 and Santa Clara 11-6
Florida (div. 1-0, overall 4-5) – Did not play
Florida State (div. 3-0, overall 8-4) – Did not play
Miami (div. 0-2, overall 0-7) – Did not play
South Florida (div. 0-2, overall 3-4) – Did not play

Southeast Division Notes: UCF had a two win weekend. FSU, at 3-0 in division, has one SELC Tourney Playoff spot locked up. The fight for the second SELC Tourney playoff slot starts now.

Southwest Division

Alabama (div. 1-1, overall 6-4) – Wins over Kentucky 18-16 and Oklahoma 15-10
Auburn (div. 1-1, overall 3-3) – Did not play
Georgia (div. 3-0, overall 9-2) – Lost to Virginia Tech 4-3
Georgia Tech (div. 1-1, overall 7-3) – Did not play
Mississippi (div. 0-3, overall 3-6) – Did not play

Southwest Division Notes: Georgia went to Blacksburg, VA and lost a squeaker, 4-3, in a driving rain, to the Virginia Tech Hokies.  At 3-0 in the division, the Dawgs are looking for an undefeated divisional season. Georgia Tech is the final roadblock.

– Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT

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