SELC D1 Power Rankings

Scott MacPherson is back with SELC D1 Power Rankings! Scott goes super in-depth in one of the biggest lacrosse conferences in the entire MCLA. See where all these SELC teams fall right now!

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Editor’s Note: The SELC gets some UNREAL coverage on MCLAFan, and it’s all because of Scott MacPherson!  Scott runs down Power Rankings, games to watch AND a weekly recap for EACH division EACH week.  It’s really an amazing amount of information to digest.  If you love the SELC, the MCLA, or Growing the Game, you’ll love Scott!

This week #1 through #7 all stayed in place.  Florida State is still #1 despite an overtime loss to nationally ranked Boston College. #2 Clemson lost to BC as well but rebounded with a nice win over #5 Central Florida. #3 Virginia Tech hasn’t started their season. #4 South Carolina did not play. A double win opening weekend for the #6 Gators. #7 Georgia had a nice division win over Auburn, who dropped 2 slots to #10. South Carolina and Georgia go to Tallahassee to play each other and FSU, so there could be some changes in the top 7 next week… well… maybe.  It all depends on who wins, who loses, and by how much!

Alabama moves up 4 places to #8 with a 2 win weekend. Georgia Tech has fully recovered for their week 1 SELC D2 (KSU) loss and moved up 5 places to #9. NC State lost 2 on the road in Atlanta, and only dropped 1 place to #11. Tough weekend for the WolfPack. A bit questionable for dropping 0-3 NC State just 1 slot, and for dropping of Tennessee and Richmond.

At the bottom of the rankings, Mississippi escapes the basement to #17, Miami goes to #20 after an SELC D2 loss to Florida Gulf Coast, and East Carolina remains at #19 with a loss to highly ranked SELC D2 Appalachian State. Wake Forest remains at #15.

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In my own mind there are some questionable rankings here. With only a small body of information to go on, its quite difficult to feel 100% about the rankings. But there are more games on the horizon that will clear things out, I hope, maybe, I guess…

SELC D1 power rankings


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