Flag planted.

The BYU Cougars won the MCLA Division I title on Saturday evening, defeating the Arizona State Sun Devils by a score of 10-8.  The Cougars were led by Ted Ferrin with 3 goals and 3 assists, and spot starter Wes Goar had six big saves.  Goar, the freshman goal keeper, replaced Matt Brandenburg the other freshman keeper who started all 3 MCLA tournament games for BYU. Brandenburg had his left thumb dislocated and broken by a Colorado State shot (and goal) in the semifinals on Friday.

photo courtesy Victoria Harris Photography

With the victory, Brigham Young ties Colorado State with the most titles in MCLA history with four.  The fourth title for the Cougars come after defeating the CSU Rams in the semifinals, and after Michigan was defeated by Arizona State while seeking their fourth consecutive MCLA title.

Brigham Young is the only team in the MCLA to attend ALL 15, yeah fifteen, tournaments. Congrats to the Cougars!

Division II

The Davenport University Panthers won their first MCLA Division II Championship defeating the St. Thomas Tommies by a score of 14-9.  The potent DU offense led by the attack trio Shawn Beer (2011 MCLA DII Tournament MVP), Jordan Richtsmeier, and Dominic Boggiano scored 12 goals in the second half and 8 in the fourth quarter to storm past the Tommies.

photo courtesy dupanthers.com

With the Davenport title and Denver advancing to the NCAA Final Four, it was a good day for DUs.

Congrats to the Panthers!  I guess the halftime printed stats and potentially illegal oxygen tanks worked.

  1. If Lebron develops Kobe’s water jumper, he will be better than Jordan.

    He can’t shoot consistently probably because he has the worst looking shot in the history of the NBA.

    But, I’m more excited to watch his contract negotiations play out.

  2. My Five Favorite NBA Guys: John Stockton, Anthony Peeler, Larry Krystkowiak, Gary Payton, Larry Bird. None of these guys are supremely talented like the KH18 list (GP never did learn how to shoot an 18-footer) but they were cagey and hardworking. Peeler gave my son a gift certificate to FX McCrory’s after a ’98 playoff game in Seattle, so he’s on the list for being a good guy.

  3. I’m gonna go down by position because I love this stuff:

    PG- Stockton. What do you want from a PG? Steals? Check. Assists? Check. Maestro of the pick and roll? check.

    SG- Jordan.

    SF- Larry Legend

    PF/C (ok he’s a center so I’m cheating)- Bill Russell. The rings say the story. There’s a reason they now call it the “Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award”.

    C- Arvydas Sabonis: Seriously check out the descriptions/ highlights on him in the USSR days. Even when he was robbed of his hops (damn communist medicine) he was still the best passing big man ever.

    Honorable mentions: Oscar Robertson, Hakeem, Shaq, Clyde,

    1. Solid list Crave…though I couldn’t stay Sabonis! Diggin your list as well Pops…

      Dammmmn 412, you think LB’s jumper is THAT wack?!!?

  4. Quality list Kyle. Somehow I missed the CP3 story until now… he is the man!

    Beginning with MJ and end with AI, I gotta copy you there. Call me KRAZY, but I’d run with Shawn “The Reign Man” Kemp AND The Glove in my personal fave 5 too. That leaves one more spot for none other than Sam “Big Smooth” Perkins! He was just too fun to watch.

    A few more for the books: Stockton/Malone combo deal, Tim Hardaway back in the day, Garnett and Marbury before he went nuts…

    Speaking of Big Smooth, I saw him a few weeks ago at a conference and he very well could be the starting left tackle for New York Giants these days. Big man, great baller. What I wouldn’t give to go up against him in a 3-point contest!

  5. Perfect list in my book. Bonus points for puttin Kobe ahead of LBJ. The Black Mamba is gunna tear it up this year.

  6. Not a bad list- but wheres the love for the pure shooters?

    Reggie Miller and Ray Allen perfected the art of the catch and shoot with an uncanny quick release. Thats real skill that takes countless hours of practice. Its easy to get caught up in the awesome athletic ability, sheer size and raw power of nba players but I like watchin the professionals who can hit that corner three in big time games with ice in their veins.

    Other guys that come to mind: Bird, Steve Kerr, Steve Nash, Kapono

    1. It’s a definite possibility. But everything done by BYU is with the Church in mind.  If it doesn’t provide a return on investment for increasing the reach of the Church then it won’t happen.  Right now I’m pretty certain they are content in the MCLA.  Lacrosse doesn’t necessarily sport a reach into areas not already touched by the LDS.

      And that’s all said without touching on Title IX. 

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