PNCLL Wednesday Wrap-up: O Canada!

Things in the PNCLL DI conference are starting to pan out, and teams are starting to find their spots in the rankings. Read here to learn a little more about each team in the PNCLL DI.

Welcome back to the PNCLL Wednesday Thursday Wrap-up!

Things in the PNCLL DI conference are starting to pan out, and teams are starting to find their spots in the rankings. Read here to learn a little more about each team in the PNCLL DI.

Below are the PNCLL DI teams in order of how the currently stand in the rankings and my comments on their position.

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Division I

Simon Fraser
Photo Credit: Shawn Carmen
Photo Credit: Shawn Carmen

In my mind, Simon Fraser is one of the most standout teams in the MCLA for the 2014 season. Coach Hoskins is definitely feeding his players their Wheaties. After losing to a BYU team, who has just recently beat the number one team in the nation (Colorado State), Simon Fraser has gone 4-0 in their PNCLL DI conference. This includes extremely impressive wins against University of Washington and University of Oregon.

I think the only team that can give Fraser trouble for the rest of this year will be the Arizona State Sun Devils, but I still have confidence in them.

Oregon Ducks vs. Western Oregon Lacrosse photo credit: Robert White
Photo Credit: Robert White

After a rough start to the 2014 season, Coach Eckenroad is finally starting to get his Ducks in a row. After losing a few crucial games, they have finally got some confidence under their belts. What this team is really lacking is experience. They have an extremely young team with a new coach, and they have yet to define to themselves what Oregon lacrosse really is. It will be interesting to see if they can compete with the Stanford Cardinal.

Even though they are third in the PNCLL DI conference, Montana hasn’t been too impressive yet. Besides an early season impressive performance from Freshman Eric Larson, they have a pretty weak schedule and haven’t been showing any firepower. What concerns me the most is their most recent matchup against instate rivals, Montana State. Barely surviving the scare in Bozeman by winning in overtime, the Griz need to get mad and start to rally in order to get some big wins.

Oregon State
Photo Credit: Robert White Oregon State at Arizona
Photo Credit: Robert White

My early season favorite, the Oregon State Beavers, have been hitting a few road bumps. The Beavers had a rough weekend in California losing to two teams, Chapman and Sonoma State. Even though the games were much closer than the scores portray them as, Oregon State was not able to finish two days in a row which could possibly be forecasting for the future. Coach Stelling may have to have a few more conditioning practices before their game against Simon Fraser.

There’s not much to say about these Vandals. They’ve won the games they were supposed to win, and they’ve lost the games they were supposed to lose. They started off with an impressive 18 to 1 win against Central Washington, but that’s about all they have on their resumes.

Washington State
Credit: Robert White
Credit: Robert White

The Cougars of Pullman, Washington, have had one game on their record that really stands out to me. They gave the USC Trojans their only win thus far very early on in their season, and that has been a huge tone setter for Washington State. Since then, they have lost to Oregon State and Idaho. I believe they have the skill to beat Idaho, but not when they have a scoreless third quarter.

Photo Credit: Robert White Washington vs. Cal
Credit: Robert White

The University of Washington Huskies are having an awkward 2014 season. They have the skill and program to be competing, but they are just not quite there. I do think that they could have beaten Oregon and that they could have played better against the Cal Bears, but they are just lacking the Husky swagger.

They’ve had an extremely hard season thus far, and they have to finish with an even harder second half of the season. They need a few more cake games to build up their confidence.

Boise State
Boise-State Photo Credit: Shawn-Carmen
Photo Credit: Shawn Carmen

With a 1-3 record, Boise State still has time to turn their season around. They are currently on track to finish second to last in the PNCLL DI, but they still have the possibility to compete with in conference rivals, Montana, Washington State, Idaho and even University of Washington. With Josh Davenport, Brian Scott and Adam Smith responsible for 24 of their 37 goals on the season, they need to start passing the rock around more and sharing the love.

Portland State
There’s still not much to say about the Portland State lacrosse team. They are 0-7 and averaging only 2.6 goals per game. At this rate, they are going to end April with a winless season.

Forget those rankings, they don’t mean anything! I’d like to rearrange it a bit…

Henry’s PNCLL DI Ranking

  1. Simon Fraser
  2. Oregon
  3. Oregon State
  4. Idaho
  5. Washington
  6. Montana
  7. Washington State
  8. Boise State
  9. Portland State

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