PNCLL Thursday Wrap-up: Regular Season Finale

The regular season in the PNCLL has blown by. It just seems like yesterday when teams were preparing for their first games. This season has been full of surprises so far and we still have playoffs to look forward to.

The regular season in the PNCLL has blown by. It just seems like yesterday when teams were preparing for their first games. This season has been full of surprises so far and we still have playoffs to look forward to.

Below are the PNCLL DII teams in order of how they currently stand in the rankings and my comments on their position.

Division II North

Western Washington
2012 SFU vs Western Washington

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Western Washington has had a great season thus far, with their only losses to the number one team in the PNCLL DI, Simon Fraser, and an overtime loss to the number one team in the PNCLL DII, Western Oregon. They have won the rest of their games, and only have one left against the team trying to beat them out of the PNCLL North one seed.

Gonzaga University and Western Washington will be colliding this Saturday in Spokane, Washington to determine who really deserves to be number one and number two in the North.

Gonzaga Lacrosse

After coming off three straight, extremely rough losses, Gonzaga travelled down to Portland, Oregon on a quest to find their mojo. They came out slow to University of Portland, but were able to fight their way back and earn their first overtime win this season thanks to Kevin Weigand’s game winning goal.

The next day they also came out a little slow in the beginning, but were able to make it a close one. Unfortunately, they loss in overtime. Maybe Gonzaga should change something up during warm-ups, so they can come out firing against Western Washington.

Puget Sound

A winless Puget Sound team was able to pull themselves together last weekend. They were able to upset Central Washington and beat them for the third place spot. It was a close game down the stretch, but Puget Sound really gained their momentum in the second quarter.

Now all they have to do is beat a Pacific Lutheran team that has already given up on the season, and they will be able to join the big boys in the PNCLL DII Playoffs.

Central Washington
Photo Credit: Doug Eisele
Photo Credit: Doug Eisele

Central Washington just loss a heartbreaking game against Puget Sound to drop out of the third place position. It could have partially been due to the fact that they had just played a very high paced, intense game against Western Washington less than 24 hours before, but that is just an excuse.

Now they can only pray that Pacific Lutheran can beat Puget Sound to potentially get them into playoffs. Otherwise, their season is almost over.

Pacific Lutheran

Poor Pacific Lutheran hasn’t won a game this season or even really competed in a game this season. They have only scored 17 points on the season, which is what some teams are able to put up in just one game.

They just have one game left this season against Puget Sound, so let’s hope its a good one.

Division II South

Western Oregon
Oregon Ducks vs. Western Oregon Lacrosse photo credit: Robert White
Photo Credit: Robert White

Western Oregon is by far the best team in the PNCLL II. They are 13-0 and have beaten many top ranked opponents such as Western Washington, Cal State Fullerton and Concordia.

They are averaging the most points in the PNCLL DII with a little over 20, but they are going to be playing Southern Oregon this weekend who has one of the better defenses in the PNCLL.

Southern Oregon

With only two losses, Southern Oregon is making a statement this season. They are 11-2, and that is a huge improvement from previous years, but they have been saving their hardest game of the season for last.

On April 19th, they will be taking on Western Oregon in order to determine who the one and two seeds are of the PNCLL DII South. I believe that they have the defense that will frustrate Western Oregon’s offense, but their offense needs to step up.

Robert White Portland State Oregon State lacrosse scrimmage
Photo Credit: Robert White

The University of Portland is the first team in the PNCLL DII to have finished off their regular season. Things didn’t go perfectly, but they were still able to shine. They just recently loss to Gonzaga in overtime, but Junior Chirs Timm and the Pilots were able to bounce back and finish off with a big win over Saint Mary’s.

Now they have to start working towards playoffs.

whitman college

Whitman has had a pretty decent season. They are 4-3, and only have one game left against College of Idaho that should be a fun one. All this game decides is who finishes in fourth and who finishes in fifth for the PNCLL DII South, but nothing more.

Whitman definitely has the better defense, but will their offense be able to keep up?

College of Idaho

College of Idaho is in the same boat has Whitman. They have had an alright season thus far and just have one game left. They will be hosting Whitman for an end of the season thriller, that will hopefully be more laughs than smack talk.

These teams will be ready to come out and enjoy their finale of the 2014 season.

Forget those rankings, they don’t mean anything! I’d like to rearrange it a bit…

Henry’s PNCLL DII Ranking


  1. Western Washington
  2. Gonzaga
  3. Puget Sound
  4. Central Washington
  5. Pacific Lutheran


  1. Western Oregon
  2. Southern Oregon
  3. Portland
  4. College of Idaho
  5. Whitman

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