PNCLL Wednesday Wrap-up: Final Stretch

Welcome back to the PNCLL Wednesday Wrap-up!

With only a little over a month left till playoffs, things are starting to heat up in the PNCLL.

Below are the PNCLL DI teams in order of how the currently stand in the rankings and my comments on their position.

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Division I

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser mens lacrosse mcla

After a rough loss to the definitive number one team in the nation, Arizona State, Simon Fraser has bounced back with commanding wins over Washington State and Portland State. These cakewalk wins, where they won by a combined 55 points, were the perfect way to bounce back and gain their confidence.

Now they will be able to finish out their season and play a very tough number 13 in the nation, University of Texas squad.

Oregon Ducks vs. Western Oregon Lacrosse photo credit: Robert White
Photo Credit: Robert White

Losing to Stanford and dropping out of the Top 25 was devastating for the University of Oregon Ducks, but they were able to keep a short memory and have a successful weekend. They had to travel all the way to eastern Washington and western Idaho to take on two in conference opponents.

They started off their weekend slowly with a 12 to 10 win over the Idaho Vandals, and then travelled to Pullman, Washington where they beat the Washington State Cougars by seven. Currently 5-1 in league, they still have two tough league games against Boise State and Oregon State remaining.

Oregon State
Photo credit: robert white Stanford vs Oregon State mens lacrosse
Photo Credit: Robert White

The Oregon State Beavers are currently 6-4 and playing extremely well at home. Their only home loss was to number 8 in the nation, Simon Fraser. They have beaten tough opponents, such as Cal, Stanford and University of Washington.

Their last four games are some of the most important of the season. Since they’re all playoff games  they are very important to get Oregon State back into the PNCLL playoffs and hopefully give them a good seed. They will have some tough competition against Idaho and especially during the Civil War against University of Oregon.


Idaho has been on a hot streak lately. They beat a respectful Utah Valley University, stomped on Gonzaga University, and played their hearts out in a very close loss to University of Oregon.

Their loss to Oregon was their most impressive game this season. They went down 6 to 1 in the first half, but then put on a show. They came out firing and it paid off. They won the second half 9 to 6. Both their defense and offense showed signs of brightness, which they will need in their upcoming game against Utah State.


Montana Copper Cup MCLA lacrosse team

The University of Montana has been up and down this season. They’ve had some good wins against University of Portland and Montana State, but also some bad losses. They are currently 1-2 in league and have a big weekend coming up where they get to play two more league teams, Washington State and Idaho.

Both of these games will be very entertaining and insightful, because it is currently a little messy in the rankings of the lower half of the PNCLL.

Boise State
Boise-State Photo Credit: Shawn-Carmen
Photo Credit: Shawn Carmen

The Boise State Broncos just recently had, what I would consider, a successful weekend in California. They competed very well with Loyola Marymount in a game where they would have won if it weren’t for a disappointing third quarter, and also put up big numbers in their win against Claremont.

They have a tough couple of weeks coming up, where they will have to play University of Oregon, Oregon state, Westminster and University of Washington. It will be interesting to see how they do in the end of their season.

Washington State
Credit: Robert White Washington State vs. USC
Photo Credit: Robert White

At 2-6, Washington State doesn’t have much to be proud of. They were able to beat Claremont and stomp on Portland State, but that’s about it. They have a few easier games coming up against Montana, Central Washington and Gonzaga, so they will need to show exactly how hungry they are this season.

I personally don’t think that the Cougars have given up just yet.

Photo Credit: Robert White Washington vs. UCLA
Photo Credit: Robert White

Even though this team is second to last in the PNCLL, they definitely have some talent. They are currently 2-3 in league, but they have gotten all of their tough conference games out of the way.

They barely lost to both University of Oregon and Oregon State this season, and I am confident that they will win the three remaining conference games they have left to play, which will put them in playoffs.

Portland State

Portland State is still winless, and unfortunately it looks like they will not win a game their whole season. I always hate to see teams finish out without a win, especially when they played such a close game near the end of the season. They lost to Great Falls, a new and upcoming team from Montana, by merely one point.This 12 to 11 loss could have easily gone the other way, but the new team was able to out finish the old squad.

Forget those rankings, they don’t mean anything! I’d like to rearrange it a bit…

Henry’s PNCLL DI Ranking

  1. Simon Fraser
  2. Oregon State
  3. Oregon
  4. Washington
  5. Idaho
  6. Boise State
  7. Montana
  8. Washington State
  9. Portland State

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