PAC-12 LA Shoot Out 2013 Photos

PAC-12 LA Shoot Out 2013

Photo Credit: Robert White

As our buddy Bob put it, these are photos of some of the best west coast lacrosse one could ask for! Who needs NCAA? February is not that far away!

The MCLA is grinding it out, our boy Kevin Rowen was in on the action, check out the gallery to find him setting a pretty top-shelf screen, even if he didn’t actually pick the guy! 10 games in 2 days, LA was the place to be!

    1. Though originally scheduled for 6 PM, the game is now set to begin at 4 PM because NYIT will no longer be attending Faceoff For A Cause due to the weather in the Northeast. The NYIT vs Limestone game was canceled so all the other matchups will move up two hours.

      1. 4pm ET? This is madness. I won’t be done with Mardi Gras by then.

        You know who’s responsible for this ‘snowpocalypse’? That damned sasquatch, that’s who.

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