Motel California: Day 1

Sarah Connor checks in with MCLA Fan on the Golden Gophers Spring Break trip!
Nature has so much #swag

Sarah Connor brings her writing styles over to MCLA Fan to show us all how a Golden Gopher spends its Spring Break. We’ll be hearing from her every day of their trip.

“Cali, great place to visit.”
-Notorious B.IG.

That’s virtually the only non-offensive lyric in “Going Back to Cali”, a favorite Facebook post of the Gophers in the week before this journey began. Nothing like old school rhymes to get you in the mood for California laxing.

Joe Cinosky and Tim Puch bantering at the Minneapolis airport


Your Gopher men’s lacrosse team took to the skies Thursday to kick off our Spring Break Cali Tour Extravaganza. Frontier Airlines was wonderful and upgraded president Sam Swanson to first class (because his boarding pass lacked a seat number? Or because they could tell he’s president?) as well as gave everyone in the group free TV and extra complimentary cookies. Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network melted away the usual flying related ornery mood that sets in midflight for me. Thank you Frontier.

Cabin full o’ Gophers

Also on the flight, a man asked if I was the only girl on the team and when I told him no I’m just the manager, he said that the boys need me and he would be nowhere without his sisters. That meant a lot at that moment.

When we arrived in Denver for our layover before leaving for our final destination, San Francisco, travel fatigue began to set in for everyone. I spent 25 minutes walking around the airport whining about my heavy backpack and solved my problems by making someone else carry my stuff.

Travel fatigue hit senior middie Luke Johnson especially hard. Everybody hurts.

After watching Gopher basketball beat Northwestern in the first round of the B1G Tourney and observing the Rockies at twilight I blacked out and woke up in San Francisco.

Nature has so much #swag

Since our arrival, the team has settled in nicely to their new surroundings.

Super Smash Bros focus

We leave for Santa Clara at 4:30 today. Our game against the Broncos is at 7(that’s 10pm on the east coast) UNDER THE LIGHTS. Night games are exciting especially when they’re in California.

Keep tabs on our Twitter (@GophersLacrosse) for score updates since I won’t be running clock or being abused by opposing teams’ officials during the game.

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