Montana State Needs Your Help to Reach 2014 Championships

Montana State University

The Montana State Bobcats are the outright winners of the 2014 RMLC Division II tournament.

Now they face one more battle before heading to California for the MCLA Championships.

They need money.

It’s very expensive to be a MCLA team and teams have two options when it comes to dues:

  1. Make your dues a little higher pre-season to make sure you collect enough money to cover the trip to nationals if you make it.
  2. Wait to see how you do, then fundraise like Hell if you get a shot at the post-season dance.

It looks like the Bobcats didn’t bank on being the top team in the Rockies, so they chose the latter. It doesn’t matter now, what does is finding the dough to go.

Since every team’s real goal is to win it all, no one is going to let money stand between them and a shot at a national title.

To support the Bobcats’ mission to win the DII national championship, you can (and should) donate to the team’s GoFundMe page.

Best of luck to all the teams fundraising to make it to Cali!

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