Monday Funday

A lot more fun than you’d expect from a Monday.

No Monday really isn’t a very fun day, but that was the most creative title I came up with in the first five seconds of starting this so that’s what you get. Here is a little compilation of goodies from the weekend for you to start your Monday off with. Stick around until the end, there is an extra treat in there for all of you dedicated readers.

For scores from the weekend, check out any of these places. All great sites to stay up to date on your latest scores. There was definitely some major upsets this weekend.

Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (newly revamped) / Laxpower (also newly revamped) / Collegelax

Now onto some material. Do you get the MCLA Magazine? Because you should. Great material on all of the teams, even an article from LAS’ own Connor Wilson. This issue he wrote a great article on team and individual workouts, comparing MCLA and NCAA styles. Connor delivers quality stuff every issue. Go become a subscriber.

Have you been following our friends over at MCLA DNA, because you should be. Andrew Dymski talks about putting Google Apps to work for your team, great read.

ESPN also aired their annual lacrosse preview this year with some nods towards the MCLA and a bit of talk about current UMLL D1 team Marquette University making the switch to Division 1. Definitely something to listen to. Check out ESPN radio for the full ESPNU Lax Podcast.

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Michigan wrapped up their final weekend of scrimmages with a very successful win over D3 Kenyon College, winning 15-6 in an impressive showing at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse. It looks like the Wolverines are ready to go, they were up 12-0 at halftime and led by So. A Thomas Paras with 3 g, 2 a and had three different players with hat tricks. I wonder if anyone will get an Ovechtrick this year. Check out the full wrap up of the game at the Michigan lacrosse website.

Here is another team focused on helping others out. If you are in the Morrisville area this is definitely a great thing to go check out. Growing the game of lacrosse and supporting our troops, a perfect combination.

Great things happening, GTG.

In other MCLA news, have you seen Oregon’s new lids? They may not have had the nicest start to the season but they are bound to bounce back and get on the right track. Head over to Sweet Sweet Lax for more pics of the helmet.

Very sweet new lids.

Yesterday a good friend from Arizona sent us this photo from Arizona’s 15-7 win over USC. In the picture, a shot from Mike Cammorata (#5, Arizona) finds Cader Nastri (#5, USC) right in the dome. Ouch!

Wowie wow wow, that can NOT feel good.

I hope this helps you get through your Monday. Oh yea, Happy Valentine’s Day I guess, so go spread some love and grow the game.

  1. WHOA! That shot to the back of the head has got to be one of the coolest lax pics I’ve seen lately if not ever! Never thought the helmet would buckle like that in slow-mo. AMAZING picture! Give that photographer a cookie

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