MCLA Video Highlights: The Ducks and Everyone Else

In general, there is a lack of visual highlights for MCLA lacrosse on the interwebz.  The most striking exception comes from Eugene, Oregon.

Mr. Claude Lyneis, aka BHSVideoDad (father of #28 Erik Lyneis on the current Ducks roster for full disclosure), has continually produced some of the most thorough, visually appealing, and unbiased video reports and montages in the lacrosse world.  That’s right, in the entire lacrosse world.  I dare you to show me someone who has been producing videos on such a regular basis of such high quality.  It’s not out there.

Growing the Game through highlights? You betcha

And the unbiased point needs to be repeated.  Watch these videos nonchalantly, and you may not notice it at first.  But there is something present in the Lyneisfilm productions of Oregon Lacrosse videos that you will NEVER see from just an average fan: opponent success.  That’s right, opponents scoring on and hitting the Ducks.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the most recent video below, a season highlight film (pay attention at the 2:15 mark):

At 2:15 begins a montage of hits made by opponents on Oregon players.  One of those players receiving a hit?  #28 Erik Lyneis, the filmer’s own son!  How’s that for directorial indifference?  And it doesn’t stop there, throughout this and all of the Oregon highlight videos you’ll see opponent goals and other highlight-worthy plays made by the teams facing off against the Ducks.  The unprejudiced nature of these videos makes it a delight for the average, casual lacrosse fan to enjoy.  It’s clear that the only agenda Claude Lyneis has in creating his videos is to allow the viewer to see some high quality MCLA lacrosse.  That’s growing the game.

Not filiming for National Geographic with that rig, it's for lax, in full HD

Did we mention the film quality and editing makes us extremely jealous?  BHSVideoDad takes the thought and effort of going down on the field and walking around during warm-ups to get an intimate, detailed picture of players’ and coaches’ pregame activities.  He frames the in-game highlights within these silent narratives of preparation and anticipation.  It’s subtle, but at the same time far from it.  The music is less intrusive than you would expect, and guiding in its presence.  Music that is neither jarring nor schizophrenic is certainly a rarity for highlight tapes these days.  While you may counter that Saliva’s “Ladies and Gentlemen” is slightly cliched, I might agree.  But for redemption, the editing accounts for ebbs and flows within the music, and even tracks hits with the “Boom” parts of the lyrics.

Forgive me for waxing poetic, every team in the MCLA should want highlight videos like these.

And maybe that’s the shocking part.  So many cameras abound in our digital society, and MCLA teams certainly abound as well.  How many teams have consistent highlight tapes?  I can think of Western Oregon’s tapes, and those may draw more scorn than accolades depending on who you ask.  But who else?  Drop links in the comments.

No matter how many teams currently produce videos or will in the future, I hope Mr. Lyneis’ career continues for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Mr. Lyneis is exactly what the sport needs! I wonder what is in store for Oregon and all BHSvideoDad fans when Eric graduates?

  2. Check your inbox, MCLAfan, Grove City College is going to be doing some video work chronicling the entire 2011-2012 season and the video should be on par with what Oregon and Michigan produce!

    Every MCLA team should be striving to put out communication work that is as strong as Oregon and Michigan!

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