MCLA Video Explosion

Everybody needs a video explosion in their life, especially when it’s from the MCLA!

We all know Connor holds it down for video explosions, but he’s kinda bias right?!?!

Yeah he shows a ton of love for the NCAA, but what about US!?!? OK, Connor isn’t bias, but the MCLA action must be seen!

Have no fear, I have compiled this list of some of the best MCLA footage from the month of March. Each video is the tip of the iceberg, I encourage you to look through the accounts of all of the users who uploaded them, they have a ton of more great content from this season and years past.

Here we go…

Preparations with the Rams

Texas State

BHSvideoDad is the greatest, check out his report from the Washington vs Oregon matchup. 

Highlight goal in the SLC Game of the Week #3 – LMU vs. UCSB

Goin’ to work with the Sun Devils

Tanner gives you the run down on the Clan’s pretty great start

Highlight City from UCSB vs. Sonoma State

South Carolina vs. Virginia Tech – Full Game

Sierra Nevada vs. UC Davis – Full Game

Got some MCLA footage that the world must see? Send it in! We will take a peek and if we like it, it will make it’s way to MCLA Fan!

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