2.0 Launched

Developing hot: has just relaunched with version 2.0.  First impressions: Slick.

You don’t really need to read this post.  You can just go check out all the goodies that just exploded on … but come back here!

If you’re still with me, here are some highlights and thoughts of new features:

Nike Lacrosse player of the month prominently featured.  You know I like that.

Both MCLA and individual conference news feeds featured above the fold.  Prominent and right up top.  Maybe conferences will start providing news now.

Handy pop-up viewer for all D1 and D2 teams, no more scroll menu to jump straight to team.  Also pop-up viewer for direct link to conference pages.  Very convenient.

Individual player photo capability. This could be messy considering some teams can’t even input rosters, but it’s a cool function if teams use it responsibly.

Game preview pages. Even has past matchups between the two teams listed.  How cool is that?

Google Maps integration on game sites. Ok now they are just showing off.

And last, but certainly not least…ARCHIVED STATS! This functionality was pointed out to me by C2Films from WOU, as stats were being added on back-end in the old site version.  However, the guys wanted me to wait to discuss the feature until it went fully live after I asked about it.  Well now you can see that there are stats for most teams going back to 2005.  Individual game stats are spotty, but the guys are working with the data they were given.

And there’s gotta be more goodies that I haven’t seen yet.  Go find them yourself!

I know, I know.  It’s change.  And you probably hate change.  But this site will warm up to you.  All the old navigational links are still available at the top of the home page, so just relax.  Trust me.  This is a great site.

  1. love it. team coaches/webmasters need to jump on adding to the new content ASAP. What a great move for the MCLA!

    Only minor complaint is that I don’t see the sidebar photos or the top bar fully, but that may just be because i’m on a crappy laptop instead of a full monitor PC.

  2. Best Valentine’s Day ever.

    EDIT: At first glance it seems rather busy and cluttered.
    But that’s a small price to pay for the fantastic new features.

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