MCLA Scholar Athletes and Coaches of the Year Announced

In deliciously understated form, the 2011 MCLA Scholar Athletes and Coaches of the Year for Divisions I and II were announced on Sunday.

The MCLA Scholar Athletes list is comprised of what you would expect to be called the MCLA Academic All-Americans.  However, trademark rights prevent the use of the phrase “Academic All-American” without a royalty fee.  Hooray for lawyers.


Whiner side point: If the phrase “Academic All-American” can’t be used, then in order to create logical flow between the MCLA All-American teams and the MCLA Scholar Athlete teams, couldn’t the phrases “All-MCLA” and “Academic All-MCLA” be employed?  A marketing person can dream….

So here are the teams, without further ado:

Division I MCLA Scholar Athletes
Brendan Hunt, Michigan State University
Connor Bush, Michigan State University
Michael Schneider, Michigan State University
Patrick Nemes, Michigan State University
Wesley Binder, Michigan State University
Eric Nelson, Arizona State University
Jared Brett, University of California – Berkeley
Dylan Westhoff, University of California – Berkeley
Kevin Etter, University of California – Berkeley
Spencer Jenkins, Santa Clara University
Matt Baker, Santa Clara University
David Ginsberg, University of California – Davis
John Parsons, University of California – Davis
Richard Schmotter, Cal Poly SLO
Calvin Craig, Simon Fraser University
Luke Genereux, Simon Fraser University
Blake Browne, Florida State University
Robert Jones, Texas State University
Austin Fisher, Colorado State University
Matt Jui, Colorado State University
Bill Straus, St Cloud State
Steve Lindner, Iowa State University
Brandon Nispel, University of Minnesota – Duluth
Mike Becken, University of Minnesota – Duluth
Max Thomas-Olson, University of Minnesota – Duluth
Kevin Soderholm, University of Minnesota – Duluth
Matt Cutshall, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Dean Pohlman, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Nate Uzlik, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Bob Ridlen, University of Illinois
Steven Mathews, Boston University
Kurt Stavdal, State University of New York – Buffalo
Zack Ciesinski, Stanford University
Jordan Gauvin, University of New Hampshire
Bobby Enquist, University of San Diego
Dave Kurtmen, University of California – Santa Barbara
Ryan Conlon, Clemson University
Matthew Giannelli, Virgnia Tech
Matthew Hart, Virginia Tech
Bryan Manarte, University of Central Florida
Brian Murphy, Clemson University
Brent Williss, Virginia Tech
Jeffrey Garrett, University of Oregon
Jonathan Jardim, University of California – Los Angeles
Tim Roe, University of San Diego

Division II MCLA Scholar Athletes

Joseph Graff, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Marshall Serzen, Westminster College
Brett Bird, Westminster College
John Messer, Sam Houston State University
Zachary Fry, Sam Houston State University
Ian Bohince, Western Oregon University
Mark Iliyn, Western Oregon University
Tim Janke, Colorado School of Mines
John Hasbargen, University of St. Thomas
Pat McMahon, University of St. Thomas
Ben Mayo, St Olaf College
Henry Frank, St Olaf College
Jacob Helmer, St. John’s University
Lucas Gellerman, St. John’s University
Mike King, St. John’s University
Steve Johnson, St. John’s University
Will Tynan, Carleton College
Chris Callaham, Missouri State University
Patrick Barranger, Washington University – St. Louis
Dan Fleisher, Washington University – St. Louis
Josh Weinstein, Washington University – St. Louis
Jonathan Trama, Briarcliffe College
Jonathan Bonacore, Briarcliffe College
James Ricci, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
William Bozek, Stonehill College
Matthew Colletti, Stonehill College
Dan Comite, Savannah College of Art and Design
Erik Elmquist, Savannah College of Art and Design
Matthew Chase, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Andrew Breen, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Ben Hughes, Missouri Baptist University
Will Hersman, University of St. Thomas

So there’s your list.  Not a mention on the mother-site yet, but we’re assuming the CollegeLax forum posting was simply to appease the pitchfork wielding masses who simply couldn’t wait one more second without this important news.

The MCLA Scholar Athletes list represents the players who were first or second team all-conference selections in their region and hold a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.  An unfortunate side-effect of the list is that it becomes less of a function of recognizing those engaging in athletic and academic excellence simultaneously, and more a crapshoot of which athletes within that category are lucky enough to have a coach that is paying attention to emails to report the worthiness of his players for the award.  We will never know how many players within the MCLA were deserving of this recognition and will never receive it.  If you are a player, you should ask your coach if he is sending his info in for the team.

In similar CollegeLax forum-ness and all its formality, the Coaches of the Year were announced.

Division I Coach of the Year

Dwayne Hicks – Michigan State University

Division II Coach of the Year

Zach Bosh – North Dakota State University

No complaints there, just hope they were given a congratulatory email in addition to their digital enshrinement within the annals of

Not an actual MCLA Coach of the Year award...yet

One for the road…

When can we get MCLA student athlete commercials?

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