MCLA Complete Viewing Guide – Day 1

Because we love you, we created a complete viewing guide for Day 1 of the MCLA Tournament!

This is the full list of MCLA Round 1 games, in order, and embedded so you can watch them all in one place! You’re welcome ;)

All first round games are played today (May 12) and the second round begins tomorrow. Games are played at both Chapman University and the University of California – Irvine.

We will keep you updated each day this week with the full run down! If you’re down in Cali for the week, make sure to stop and say hi to LaxAllStars’ own Kevin Rowen who will be updating us live from the event!

All times listed are in Pacific Time, so you may need to adjust. The Calendar on LaxAllStars.TV and are set to your time zone!

Division II


#9 SCAD vs #8 Western Oregon

#11 Western Washington vs #6 Grove City


#12 Concordia vs #5 North Dakota St.

#10 Florida Gulf Coast vs #7 Indiana Tech


#14 Coast Guard vs #3 Dayton

#13 Reinhardt vs #4 St. Thomas


#15 Missouri Valley vs #2 St. John’s

#16 Montana St. vs #1 Grand Valley



#11 Cal Poly vs #6 UCSB

#10 Texas vs #7 Michigan State


#12 Simon Fraser vs #5 Colorado State

#9 Westminster vs #8 Boston College


#13 Northeastern vs #4 Chapman

#14 Virginia Tech vs #3 BYU


#15 Minnesota Duluth vs #2 Colorado

#16 Indiana vs #1 Arizona State

Long Live the MCLA!

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