Making the Grade: UMLC Division I

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the UMLC Division I.
Making the Grade: UMLC D1

University of Minnesota-Duluth : 2013 (10 – 3)/(3 – 0)

A | Holy smokes Duluth has already started the season off with a huge 24-1 win over Iowa State. They should be taking on some big name competition, and they are. Since they aren’t playing any games in Duluth, the entire season is essentially being played on the road. It really shouldn’t be a problem because of their success in previous seasons with the same situation. You can expect some shifting in standings as the season progresses, as Minnesota has always been a huge contender and Wis-Madison is looking to make waves in their new conference.

2/8 – Iowa State (Home)*
2/21 – Arizona State (Away)
2/23 – Grand Canyon (Away)
3/15 – Indiana (Home)
3/16 – Purdue (Home)
3/22 – St. Cloud State (Home)*
4/4 – Davenport (Away)
4/6 – Michigan State (Away)
4/12 – Minnesota (Away)*
4/13 – MSU-Mankato (Away)*
4/19 – Wis-Madison (Away)*

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University of Minnesota :2013 (8 – 5)/(3 – 0)

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A+ | This is a pretty darn tough schedule, and most of it is played on the road against high caliber competition. If Minnesota is looking to finish on top of the conference, this is the schedule that will help them do it. The entire second half of the season is spent on the road. We think Minnesota is going to surprise a lot of people this season and we’re really excited to see how they do. If this isn’t the year, expect them to be back next year with a fire under them.

2/1 – North Dakota State (Home)+
2/8 – St. Thomas (Home)+
2/9 – St. Johns (Home)+
2/15 – St. Cloud State (Home)*
2/21 – Missouri (Away)
3/1 – Iowa (Home)
3/15 – Georgia Tech (Away)
3/16 – South Carolina (Away)
3/18 – SUNY-Buffalo (Away)
3/19 – Alabama (Away)
3/29 – Purdue (Away)
3/30 – Indiana (Away)
4/5 – MSU-Mankato (Away)*
4/6 – Iowa State (Away)*
4/19 – Michigan State (Away)
4/20 – Davenport (Away)

University of Wisconsin-Madison : 2013 (8 – 5)/(5 – 1)

D+ | Welcome Wisconsin to the UMLC. Right now, their schedule is much too short, but we suppose there’s still time to add more games. Only one out of conference game leaves much to be desired. They only have two home games so there is a lot of road threat in this schedule. It’s hard to tell where they’ll finish because it’s been a back and forth battle between Wisconsin and all of the Minnesota programs. It’s safe to place them in the middle of the conference, but expect them to move up and down in the standings all season long.

2/28 – MSU-Mankato (Away)*
3/2 – Iowa State (Away)*
3/29 – St. Cloud State (Home)*
4/6 – Illinois (Away)
4/13 – Minnesota (Away)*
4/19 – Minn-Duluth (Home)*

Minnesota State-Mankato : 2013 (5 – 7)/(2 – 2)


B | Another season spent mingling with quality competition. Most of season “at home,” but realistically all home games are about a hour away. They don’t face the biggest road threats, having only three games out of state. They always make it close in the games against Minnesota, Minn-Duluth, and Wis-Madison. This conference could go to anyone – if there’s a sleeper in the UMLC, it’s Mankato.

1/25 – St. Thomas (Away)+
2/7 – St. Johns (Home)+
2/8 – North Dakota State (Home)+
2/15 – Marquette (Home)+
2/28 – Wis-Madison (Home)*
3/1 – Iowa State (Home)*
3/2 – Iowa (Home)
3/8 – St. Cloud State (Away)*
3/9 – Nebraska (Away)
3/15 – Purdue (Home)
3/30 – Illinois State (Away)
4/5 – Minnesota (Home)*
4/13 – Minn-Duluth (Home)*

St. Cloud State : 2013 (1 – 8)/(1 – 3)

St. CLoud STate

C+| Not a shabby schedule, boasting a decent spread of competition. It’s hard to accurately rank them now that the season started, but they were expected to finish in the same spot as last year. The loss to Iowa State might shake things up. Will they be able to grab one conference win or will they finish at the bottom of the conference again this season?

2/7 – Iowa State (Home)*
2/15 – Minnesota (Away)*
3/7 – Nebraska (Away)
3/8 – MSU-Mankato (Home)*
3/9 – Oklahoma (Away)
3/16 – Indiana (Home)
3/22 – Minn-Duluth (Away)*
3/29 – Wis-Madison (Away)*
4/12 – Illinois State (Home)
4/13 – Iowa (Away)

Iowa State University : 2013 (0 – 8)/(0 – 4)

C- | The Cyclones are sporting a pretty short schedule compared to the majority of their of conference. It looks like they’re trying to play it safe and they are doing better than last season with win 13-7 over St. Cloud to start. We either expect them to finish at the bottom or just above St. Cloud. It may be tough because most of the season spent on the road, with only three home games. You can expect big things from Iowa State going forward.

2/7 – St. Cloud State (Away)*
2/8 – Minn-Duluth (Away)*
3/1 – MSU-Mankato (Away)*
4/5 – Kansas State (Home)
4/5 – South Dakota (Home)
4/6 – Minnesota (Home)*
4/18 – Iowa (Away)
4/19 – Nebraska (Away)

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