Making the Grade: SELC Division I SE, SW

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the SELC Division 1 Southeast and Southwest.

Editor’s Note: We apologize for the SELC D1, SE and SW rankings not being released on Saturday. The old flu bug hit the LaxAllStars family this week, but don’t be alarmed, we will be back on schedule this afternoon with the CCLA D2 grades.


University of Central Florida : 2013 (9 – 4)/(3 – 1)

Steve Rollins - UCF

A | Central Florida is going up against a nice mix of D1 and D2 teams. We would love to see them take on some higher ranked programs. Their four scrimmage games will show us what to expect from Central Florida. The NCAA D2 match ups will definitely get them ready for the season. It’s going to be a close finish for #1 with Florida State.

1/18 – St. Leo (Away)+
1/25 – Rollins College (Home)+
2/1 – Florida Southern (Home)+
2/15 – Tampa (Home)+
2/22 – Tennessee (Away)
2/23 – Auburn (Away)
2/28 – Florida State (Home)*
3/2 – East Carolina (Home)
3/13 – Liberty (Home)
3/20 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)
3/22 – Miami: FL (Away)
3/22 – Florida International (Away)+
3/30 – Texas (Away)
3/30 – Texas A&M (Away)
4/4 – Florida (Away)*
4/12 – South Florida (Home)*

Florida State University : 2013 (9 – 7)/(3 – 1)

Florida State

A | Florida State is going up against some tough competition in and out of conference. They have a rough five game road stretch toward the end of the season. Coming off the road stretch to take on two divisional games might be tough, but we know they can handle it. The last game against Florida will be huge after the loss they suffered last year. Expect them to come out ready to redeem themselves this season.

2/15 – Auburn (Home)
2/21 – South Carolina (Home)
2/23 – Miami: FL (Home)*
2/28 – Central Florida (Away)*
3/10 – Liberty (Home)
3/11 – Louisiana State (Away)
3/22 – Texas Christian (Away)
3/23 – Texas State (Away)
3/29 – Georgia (Away)
4/5 – South Florida (Away)*
4/18 – Florida (Home)*

University of South Florida : 2013 (7 – 4)/(2 – 2)


C- | South Florida is doing the right thing this season. They’re taking on teams that have similar records to help improve their record. The midseason road trip to Texas proves that. There’s nothing too impressive on their schedule, but it will still be challenging for the Bulls.

2/22 – Alabama (Home)
2/23 – Georgia (Away)
3/1 – East Carolina (Home)
3/2 – Miami: FL (Home)*
3/7 – Texas A&M (Away)
3/8 – Texas Tech (Away)
3/9 – Rice (Away)
3/11 – Liberty (Home)
3/21 – Florida (Away)*
4/5 – Florida State (Home)*
4/12 – Central Florida (Away)*

University of Florida : 2013 (2 – 8)/(2 – 2)

B | Florida is taking on some tough competition this season. The five game road stretch will be tough, especially the games in California. It will be hard to come off a tough road stretch and play all of the divisional games. Luckily they have two weeks to recover before they take on South Florida at home. We see big things coming from Florida this season.

2/9 – Palm Beach Atlantic (Home)
2/21 – Georgia Tech (Away)
3/3 – Stanford (Away)
3/5 – Sonoma State (Away)
3/7 – California (Away)
3/21 – South Florida (Home)*
4/4 – Central Florida (Home)*
4/12 – Miami: FL (Home)*
4/18 – Florida State (Away)*

University of Miami : 2013 (0 – 10)/(0 – 4)

C- | The Hurricane’s three scrimmage games at the beginning of season could help. They have a long schedule ahead of them. Hopefully they’ll be able to pick up their first win in the past two years. If they pick up the W against anyone this season, it will most likely be East Carolina, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to see a huge upset.

2/7 – Florida International (Home)+
2/8 – Tampa (Home)+
2/15 – Florida Atlantic (Home)+
2/16 – North Florida (Home)+
2/22 – South Carolina (Away)
2/23 – Florida State (Away)*
3/1 – East Carolina (Home)
3/2 – South Florida (Away)*
3/3 – Notre Dame deNamur (Home)+
3/8 – UL Lafayette (Away)
3/9 – Houston (Home)
3/22 – Central Florida (Home)*
3/23 – Florida Gulf Coast (Home)
4/5 – Palm Beach Atlantic (Away)
4/12 – Florid (Away)*


University of Georgia : 2013 (15 – 5)/(4 – 1)

Georgia Vs ASU

A | Georgia is taking on some of the best teams around. The four game road stretch at the beginning of season sees some tough competition. First place will be determined at end of season when they face Georgia Tech. This is a high caliber schedule, which is what we should expect from last year’s conference champs.

2/1 – Boston College (Home)
2/8 – Vanderbilt (Away)*
2/9 – Wake Forest (Away)
2/14 – UC Santa Barbara (Away)
2/15 – Cal Poly (Away)
2/21 – Alabama (Home)*
2/23 – South Florida (Home)
3/1 – Auburn (Home)*
3/2 – Clemson (Away)
3/21 – Pittsburgh (Home)
3/23 – Virginia Tech (Away)
3/29 – Florida State (Home)
4/12 – Georgia Tech (Away)*
4/19 – Ole Miss (Home)*

From MCLA Survey:
What are your team’s goals for the 2014 season?
– Increase our student attendance at games
– Increase our involvement in the community (clinics, philanthropy, etc.)
– Win the SELC Championship
– Make a run in the national tournament
Who are your players to watch this year?
Peter DeWispelaere (D, Junior): Peter is one of the best defenseman in the country. He shuts down the other team’s best attackman each game and rarely gets beat. He is a very smart player with and without the ball, and is developing into one of the team’s best leaders.
Michael Trainer (A, Junior): After an injury-riddled sophomore season, Michael is looking to bounce back with a big season in 2014. His potential was shown in his freshman year, and he looks to improve on that. Michael is one of the best feeders on the team, in addition to his great dodging ability.
George Walker (M, Junior): George has been one of the most consistent players at UGA for the past two years. He looks to have his breakout season in 2014, as he is healthy with several seasons under his belt. He’ll be looked at to help take the reins of an explosive offense.
Conner Reed (M, Senior): Coming off a 1st Team All-SELC and Honorable Mention All-American season, Conner looks to continue his success in his senior season. After an extremely successful 2013 campaign, Conner will be looked at to lead an experienced and explosive offensive group.
Harrison Cassada (FOS, Junior): Cassada is one of the best faceoff specialists in the conference, and he showed that last year. It makes things a lot easier to score and get the ball right back, and Harrison accomplishes this for the UGA squad.
Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Boston College: Bringing one of the best team’s in the country down to Athens as a barometer for our program to open our 2014 season on 2/1/14.

Georgia Institute of Technology : 2013 (14 – 5)/(4 – 1)

The Alabama Experience

A | Georgia Tech has a schedule that almost mirrors Georgia. They don’t have as much of a threat on the road, but they do have a few more games. It might take the entire season to find out if they can push past Georgia for the top spot. This schedule might make that possible. We are excited to watch the Ramblin’ Wreck this season as head coach Ken Lovic was named president of the MCLA in late 2013.

1/31 – Boston College (Home)
2/7 – Alabama (Home)*
2/9 – NC State (Home)
2/15 – Vanderbilt (Away)*
2/21 – Florida (Home)
2/23 – Northeastern (Home)
3/1 – Clemson (Away)
3/7 – Auburn (Home)*
3/8 – Texas (Home)
3/15 – Minnesota (Home)
3/29 – Tennessee (Home)
4/5 – Wake Forest (Away)
4/12 – Georgia (Home)*
4/18 – Ole Miss (Home)*

From MCLA Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
Matt Sommerfeldt- Sophomore (RS), Goalie- SELC 1st Team All Conference Goalie- allowed less than 6 goals per game average. Leader of a stout defense

Mick Stapleton- Junior, Midfielder- Last years leading scorer returns for his Junior year. Vocal leader on the field.

Oliver “Tuna” Gregory- Sophomore, Defense- All SELC player as a freshman. A great one on one defender with excellent back side help understanding with regards to slides. Up field threat- scored three goals last season.

David Cyron- Sophomore, Defense- All SELC Tourney player- a ground ball magnet, clearing threat and a perfect man on man defender. Plays great position defense with a lethal poke check. A quiet force to deal with.

Who will be the toughest team to play in your conference this year? Why?
All. UGA would lead the way as we split with them last year but the SELC has no easy wins. Every game versus our regional opponents was a fight- Ole Miss, uga, Auburn, Vandy and Alabama. It will be a tougher conference year in year out.

What are your expectations/predictions for the 2014 MCLA National Tournament?
Like any team- we want to be in California. We only control our destiny. Hard work, attention to detail, focus can get us there. as for predictions- it all lies out west. They have dominated and I would like to see the SELC teams start to make some noise on the D1 level.

Auburn University : 2013 (9 – 4)/(3 – 2)

B- | The Tigers meet a nice mix of competition in and out of conference. They are evenly matched with most of their opponents, so we foresee some improvement in their record from last year. They’re taking most of their schedule on the road with just four home games. All of the traveling might be tough on other teams, but Auburn is used to it. 

2/8 – Kennesaw State (Away)
2/15 – Florida State (Away)
2/21 – Tennessee (Home)
2/23 – Central Florida (Home)
2/28 – Clemson (Away)
3/1 – Georgia (Away)*
3/7 – Georgia Tech (Away)
3/8 – Miami: OH (Home)
3/19 – Point (Away)+
3/22  – Vanderbilt (Away)*
3/29 – NC State (Away)
3/30 – Liberty (Away)
4/5 – Ole Miss (Home)*
4/18 – Alabama (Away)*

Vanderbilt University : 2013 (4 – 4)/(2 – 3)

Vanderbilt Men's lacrosse

C | Vanderbilt has a relatively short schedule this season but they managed to get some tough match ups. The schedule looks like they’re trying to improve their record, but it probably won’t be enough to get one up on Auburn. It’s surprising to see them taking on TCU, but it’s not enough to give them a higher ranking.

2/8 – Georgia (Home)*
2/8 – Wake Forest (Home)
2/15 – Georgia Tech (Home)*
2/23 – Kentucky (Away)
3/14 – Tennessee (Home)
3/16 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)
3/22 – Auburn (Home)*
3/28 – Ole Miss (Away)*
3/29 – Texas Christian (Home)
4/12 – Alabama (Home)*

University of Alabama : 2013 (4 – 8)/(1 – 4)

FSU Chris

B- | Alabama has only five home games this season. A majority of the season will be spent on the road against some tough competition. This schedule is meant to help them improve in every way. Alabama is stepping up to some big names and it will definitely help them in the long run. 

2/1 – Kennesaw State (Home)
2/7 – Georgia Tech (Away)*
2/8 – NC State (Home)
2/21 – Georgia (Away)
2/22 – South Florida (Away)
3/1 – Ole Miss (Away)*
3/2 – Tenn-Chattanooga (Home)+
3/7 – South Carolina (Home)
3/8 – Louisiana State (Away)
3/17 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)
3/19 – Minnesota (Home)
4/12 – Vanderbilt (Away)*
4/18 – Auburn (Home)*

From MCLA Survey:
What are your team’s goals for the 2014 season?
-Finish the season with a winning record.
-Make the SELC playoffs.
-Compete with each team we play no matter how good they are.
-Set a new standard for Alabama Lacrosse for years to follow

Who are your players to watch this year?
Chris Palasek- Attack- Senior: A second year team captain and has been our team leader in total points for the last few years.
Craig Landru- Midfield/FOGO- Senior: A second year team captain and has been our main FOGO each year and is looking to be even better.
Brandon Pugh- Defense- Senior: A second year captain who had a season ending injury early in the season last year is looking for a big Senior season leading the defense.
Shane Ryan- Midfield- Senior: A captain who may be the most physical and speedy player we have.
Trent Chrane- Attack- Junior: A Navy transfer who had made and an immediate presence on and off the field.
Kevin Bolger- Goalie- Sophomore: With our previous goalie graduating, Kevin steps into the spotlight and is ready to go

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Buffalo- they are traveling all the way to Tuscaloosa to play us and we feel they may be the best team we play all season. We haven’t played a team like this before and we are excited to see how we can match up against them.

University of Mississippi : 2013 (3 – 5)/(1 – 4)

Georgia Tech vs. Ole Miss

B+ | Ole Miss is going up against some of the tougher LSA D1 teams, and the game against Texas is a must watch. The MCLA thinks so and so should you: it’ll be streaming live online for your viewing pleasure on 2/22. It might be one sided in favor of Texas but you won’t know unless you watch. The last three games of the season come on a tough road stretch after facing TCU.

2/8 – Memphis (Home)+
2/15 – Missouri (Home)
2/15 – Kentucky (Home)
2/21 – UL Lafayette (Away)
2/22 – Texas (Home)
3/1 – Alabama (Home)*
3/21 – Mississippi State (Home)+
3/28 – Vanderbilt (Home)*
3/30 – Texas Christian (Home)
4/5 – Auburn (Away)*
4/18 – Georgia Tech (Away)*
4/19 – Georgia (Away)*

Next Up: CCLA Division II

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