Making the Grade: SELC Division I NE, NW

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the SELC Division 1 Northeast and Northwest.


Clemson University : 2013 (7 – 8)/(4 – 0)

Clemson Lacrosse

B+ | The Tigers’ last three divisional games are being played on the road. They take on a very solid mix of tough competition in and out of the conference. We imagine the odds are very good for improving their overall record from last season.

2/2 – Wake Forest (Home)*
2/15 – Tennessee (Away)
2/15 – Tennessee Wesleyan (Home)+
2/21 – Northeastern (Home)
2/22 – East Carolina (Away)*
2/28 – Auburn (Home)
3/1 – Georgia Tech (Home)
3/2 – Georgia (Home)
3/11 – St. Ambrose (Home)
3/28 – Virginia Tech (Away)
3/29 – Connecticut (Home)
4/5 – NC State (Away)*
4/18 – South Carolina (Away)*

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North Carolina State University : 2013 (5 – 3)/(2 – 2)

B- | The Wolfpack’s conference schedule will be tough since it’s mostly on the road, but spreading it out a bit was a good idea. This year they only have 4 home games with only one in conference. The tough road stretches will test what NC State is made of this year.

2/8 – Alabama (Away)
2/9 – Georgia Tech (Away)
2/15 – Wake Forest (Away)*
2/28 – East Carolina (Away)*
3/2 – Elon (Home)
3/22 – South Carolina (Away)*
3/23 – UNC-Charlotte (Away)
3/28 – Liberty (Away)
3/29 – Auburn (Home)
4/5 – Clemson (Home)*
4/6 – Appalachian State (Home)

From MCLA Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
Kevin Dunaway, Senior, Captain of the Defense, Great on ball defender
Nathan Poulos, Junior, Captain, Leading scorer from the midfield
Tyler VanHorn, Sophomore, Scorching left handed shot from attach
Bill Nifong, Senior, SELC highest reutning point getter (approx 5/game)

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Georgia Tech, great rematch from last year of SELC finalist
Liberty, game to be played at midnight at their blackout game

Who will be the toughest team to play in your conference this year? Why?
Clemson usually gives us a tough game with their deep bench. We get to play them in Raleigh this year, so hopefully that willw ork in our advantage.

University of South Carolina : 2013 (9 – 5)/(1 – 3)

South Carolina

B+ | We expect the Gamecocks to improve their record from last season. Most of their bigger games are in Columbia, so we would like to see tougher games on the road. Scheduling their conference games at the end of the season will be challenging, but we are excited to see how it all plays out.

2/21 – Florida State (Away)
2/22 – Miami: FL (Home)
3/1 – Virginia Tech (Away)
3/7 – Alabama (Away)
3/8 – Houston (Home)
3/9 – Texas State (Home)
3/16 – Minnesota (Home)
3/22 – NC State (Home)*
3/29 – Wake Forest (Home)*
4/5 – East Carolina (Away)*
4/18 – Clemson (Home)*

Wake Forest : 2013 (4 – 7)/(3 – 1)

 B | The Demon Deacons have an interesting mix of D1 and D2 teams scheduled. February will be a very challenging month for Wake Forest, kicking the season off against last years’ conference champs is never any fun.

2/2 – Clemson (Away)*
2/8 – Vanderbilt (Away)
2/9 – Georgia (Home)
2/15 – NC State (Home)*
2/16 – Appalachian State (Away)
2/21 – Liberty (Away)
2/22 – New Hampshire (Home)
3/2 – Virginia Tech (Home)
3/29 – South Carolina (Away)*
4/5 – Georgia Tech (Home)
4/13 – East Carolina (Home)*
4/16 – Davidson (Home)

East Carolina University : 2013 (3 – 7)/(0 – 4)

C+ | The Pirates have a challenging road ahead. Improving on last years conference record will be tough, and all the strong competition along the way won’t help boost their overall record.

2/15 – Coastal Carolina (Away)
2/28 – NC State (Home)*
3/1 – South Florida (Away)
3/1 – Miami: FL (Away)
3/12– Central Florida (Away)
3/21 – George Washington (Away)
3/22 – Rhode Island (Home)
3/29 – Appalachian State (Home)
4/4 – Clemson (Home)*
4/5 – South Carolina (Home)*
4/12 – West Virginia (Away)
4/13 – Wake Forest (Away)*


Liberty University : 2013 (18 – 2)/(4 – 0)

Liberty Midnight Madness by Kim Black

A | The Flames take on a nice mix of competition in and out of conference. Since they are taking on the better teams of the SELC we are excited to watch them make the jump to D1. They face a tough 8 game road stretch in the middle of season, but also have a huge 5 game home stretch with 3 divisional games to end the season. The big game against Virginia Tech will probably decide the first place finish. Even though they made a D1 jump we can’t wait to see how they fair in D1 this year, and we were bold and ranked them first.

2/21 – Wake Forest (Home)
2/23 – New Hampshire (Home)
3/1 – Kentucky (Away)*
3/2 – Tennessee (Away)*
3/10 – Florida State (Away)
3/11 – South Florida (Away)
3/13 – Central Florida (Away)
3/14 – Florida (Away)
3/22 – Davenport (Away)
3/23 – Michigan State (Away)
3/28 – NC State (Home)
3/30 – Auburn (Home)
4/5 – George Washington (Home)*
4/7 – West Virginia (Home)*
4/18 – Virginia Tech (Home)*

Virginia Tech : 2013 (12 – 9)/(5 – 0)

A+ | Taking on some of the best teams in and out of conference, the Hokies have their work cut out for them. We are interested to see how the tough road trip to CA at beginning of season will pan out. All of the divisional games scheduled at the end of season might be tough if there is too much wear and tear on the team, but that doesn’t seem likely. The very last game against Liberty will be a must watch, and will most likely decide the Northwest D1.

3/1 – South Carolina (Home)
3/2 – Wake Forest (Away)
3/9 – Cal Poly (Away)
3/11 – UC Santa Barbara (Away)
3/14 – Loyola Marymount (Away)
3/22 – Pittsburgh (Home)
3/23 – Georgia (Home)
3/28 – Clemson (Home)
3/30 – Connecticut (Home)
4/5 – Kentucky (Away)*
4/6 – West Virginia (Away)*
4/11 – Tennessee (Home)*
4/13 – George Washington (Home)*
4/18 – Liberty (Away)*

University of Tennessee : 2o13 (6 – 9)/(1 – 4)

B+ | Well the Vols are not shying away from competition this season. The majority of the season is being played on the road. This season will help build for the future.

2/15 – Clemson (Home)
2/15 – Tennessee Wesleyan (Home)+
2/21 – Auburn (Away)
2/22 – Central Florida (Home)
2/28 – Kentucky (Home)*
3/2 – Liberty (Home)*
3/7 – Louisiana State (Away)
3/8 – Texas State (Away)
3/14 – Vanderbilt (Away)
3/29 – Georgia Tech (Away)
4/5 – West Virginia (Home)*
4/11 – Virginia Tech (Away)*
4/12 – George Washington (Away)*

George Washington University : 2013 (4 – 8)/(1 – 4)

C+ | We see them facing big CCLA competition and evenly matched PCLL opponents. All of their divisional games fall at end of season, which can be very tough for improving a conference record. Beginning and ending the season on the road is always challenging for any squad. 

2/16 – Hood College (Away)+
2/22 – Pittsburgh (Away)
2/23 – Davenport (Away)
2/28 – S. Connecticut (Home)
3/2 – Coastal Carolina (Home)
3/21 – East Carolina (Home)
3/23 – Rhode Island (Home)
3/28 – West Virginia (Home)*
3/30 – Kentucky (Home)*
4/5 – Liberty (Away)*
4/12 – Tennessee (Home)*
4/13 – Virginia Tech (Away)*

From MCLA survey:
What are your team’s goals for the 2014 season?
The coaching staff and the team’s leaders have high expectations for this season, our second in the MCLA. We intend to build off last year’s foundation by playing a difficult schedule, competing for 60 minutes every game, and ultimately earning the right to play for the SELC title come April. We will set the tone early that we want to play at a high-level by opening the season with local NCAA Division III rival Hood College and two ranked MCLA teams, Davenport (#21) and Pittsburgh (#22). We have every confidence in our veteran leadership and a strong freshman class.

Who are your players to watch this year?
Among the team’s leaders are captains Charlie Frattini (Hudson, NY/ Croton Harmon), David Goscinak (Charlestown, MA/ The Rivers School) and Ian Larson (Salt Lake City, UT/ Judge Memorial Catholic).
Last year’s Most Improved Player, Frattini came back to campus this fall a better lacrosse player than when he left last spring. An exceptionally strong dodging and finishing dual threat, Frattini has elevated his game to add vision and playmaking. Frattini will be crucial in balancing out what has historically been a predominantly midfield-heavy offense.
At 6’6″ 249 lbs, Goscinak is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses and possesses All-American Potential. Don’t let his size fool you ̶ he won 93 of 162 face offs last season (57.4%), runs the field well, and can shoot from the perimeter with both hands. Last year, Goscinak earned MCLA Scholar Athlete and SELC Second Team Midfielder honors.
Larson is a player’s coach because he is committed, dependable, and highly responsive to teaching. In an era of specialization, Larson is a throwback midfielder: a guy who can play offense, defense, and take face offs, all at a high level. Not just a reliable player, he is a dodging threat known for his physicality and ability to get shots out of the dodge.
Rounding out the offensive playmakers are sophomore Tim Wetzel (Carlisle, PA/ Cumberland Valley), and a trio of talented first-years: midfielders Billy Golden (Northport, NY/ Trinity-Pawling) and Kyle Chin (Northbrook, IL/ Glenbrook North), and attackman Jared Beard (Chesterfield, MO/ Chaminade).
On the defensive side of the ball, the Colonials will be led by two experienced goalkeepers in junior Kyle Webb (Stamford, CT/ Green Farms) and sophomore transfer Justin Klimczyk (Baltimore, MD/ High Point University). Tasked with protecting the cage, the close defense unit returns two of last year’s starters in sophomores Jack Ferrell (Avon, CT/ Northwest Catholic) and Alex Santangelo (Sudbury, MA/ St. Mark’s)

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Our short-term goal as a program is to grow into an elite MCLA program. We will take massive strides towards that goal by competing for the SELC title when we kick off our conference schedule in March against West Virginia.

However, we’re most excited to play Hood College on February 16th because that is the first game on our schedule. In our matchup with them last season, the Colonials bested the Blazers in a very exciting win for the young GW program. We know that Hood will be out to avenge last year’s loss, and we can’t wait for the opening whistle.

University of Kentucky : 2013 (3 – 9)/(2 – 3)

B | We like seeing a nice mix of competition in and out of their conference. Although there’s not too much threat on the road, the Wildcats are definitely looking to improve their overall record.

2/15 – Ole Miss (Away)
2/16 – Missouri (Home)
2/22 – Dayton (Home)
2/23 – Vanderbilt (Home)
2/28 – Tennessee (Away)*
3/1 – Liberty (Home)*
3/29 – West Virginia (Home)*
3/30 – George Washington (Away)
4/5 – Indiana (Home)
4/5 – Virginia Tech (Home)*
4/12 – Miami: OH (Home)

West Virginia University : 2013 (3 – 9)/(2 – 3)

C- | The Mountaineers scheduled a lot of lower ranked teams. We can tell they are looking to improve their record from last year. All divisional games are being played on the road, except Virginia Tech. We are pumped how they handle a ton of road threats with just 3 home games.

2/28 – Ohio University (Away)
3/1 – Toledo (Away)
3/2 – Miami: OH (Away)
3/23 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)
3/28 – George Washington (Away)*
3/29 – Kentucky (Away)*
4/5 – Tennessee (Away)*
4/6 – Virginia Tech (Home)*
4/7 – Liberty (Away)*
4/12 – East Carolina (Home)

Next Up: SELC Division I, Southeast and Southwest

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