Making the Grade: RMLC Division I

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the RMLC Division I.
Making the grade: RMLC Division 1

Colorado State University : 2013 (21 – 0)/(5 – 0)

Colorado State vs. Westminster

A | The Rams have a very similar schedule to the Buffs. It’s awesome to see them taking on most of the 2013 conference champs. I guess when you win back-to-back titles, everyone comes to you. There is not much travel out of state, except a few games in California. Make no mistake, it’s definitely a high caliber schedule. Will they remain undefeated for another season, and can they three-peat?

2/1 – Denver (Away)+
2/15 – Colorado Mesa (Away)+
2/21 – Grand Canyon (Away)
2/23 – Oregon (Home)
3/2 – Texas (Home)
3/7 – Michigan State (Home)
3/8 – BYU (Home)*
3/13 – Arizona State (Home)
3/15 – California (Home)
3/20 – San Diego State (Away)
3/22 – Chapman (Away)
3/27 – Davenport (Home)
3/29 – UNLV (Home)
4/11 – Utah (Home)*
4/12 – Westminster (Home)*
4/19 – Colorado (Away)*

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From MCLA Team Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
Attackman #32 Sean Smith, Senior, two time RMLC second team attack and two time MCLA honorable mention attack. Quarterback of offense .
Attackman #10 Kacey Carter, Senior, two time RMLC honorable mention attack and MCLA honorable mention attack. One of the best finishers in the country.
Goalie #7 Jack Regan, Senior, RMLC honorable mention and second team, MCLA all tournament team, scholar athlete, and honorable mention. Plays first half in two goalie system
Goalie #17 Koltin Fatzinger, RMLC honorable mention. Plays second half in two goalie system.

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
One out of conference game that jumps out is a game on campus against ASU. ASU was a final four team last year and always brings a good squad

Who will be the toughest team to play in your conference this year? Why?
This has to be a toss up between CU and BYU. Both were final four teams last year and these games are always emotional and exciting.

University of Colorado : 2013 (18 – 3)/(4 – 1)

Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffs Men's Lacrosse

A+ | They get the plus for having a slightly tougher schedule than CSU. The Buffs are taking on almost every 2013 D1 conference champion, making for a very tough schedule, but that’s expected. Not a lot of travel except for two trips out to California. There’s nothing wrong with making the competition come to you. Can they bring down CSU this year? We’ll see…

2/1 – Colorado College (Away)+
2/8 – Colorado Mesa (Away)+
2/21 – Chapman (Away)
2/23 – Boston College (Away)
2/28 – Texas (Home)
3/7 – BYU (Home)*
3/8 – Michigan State (Home)
3/15 – Arizona State (Home)
3/16 – California (Home)
3/27 – UNLV (Home)
3/29 – Davenport (Home)
4/4 – Sonoma State (Away)
4/5 – Stanford (Away)
4/11 – Westminster (Home)*
4/12 – Utah (Home)*
4/19 – Colorado State (Home)*

From MCLA Team Survey:
What are your team’s goals for the 2014 season?
The Buffs goals this season are the same as every year, to compete at a National Championship level of play. Our goal is to stick to our process and the way we do things day in and day out. We want to be a hard nosed, grinding team that is tough to play against. We are looking to play the toughest schedule possible and be as competitive as possible.

Who are your players to watch this year?
Jack Cranston-Attack-Sr- Jack is the most dynamic player on the team, his dodging, feeding, and scoring ability are unmatched. He will return to the attack this year after running at the midfield last year to help solidify an already talented attack unit
Riley Siedel-Attack-Sr- Riley has a nose for the goal, he has the ability to score inside or outside with a big time shot. He consistently draws teams number one defense men and still finds ways to score game in and game out.
Tyler Doughrety- Attack-Sr. (Grad. student)-Tyler was the teams leading goal scorer last year, he is easily the smartest player on the field and will be quarterbacking an upper class laden attack unit.
Zach Doss-Sophomore-Defense- Easily the teams best cover defenseman, Zach will anchor a young but talented defense, his quick footwork and lacrosse IQ make him a nightmare to dodge against.
Greg Kelsic-Mid-Sr.- Greg has a very high lacrosse IQ, his understanding of the offense and ability to dodge from X, wings, or up top make him a very dangerous and difficult player to cover.
Christian Wilson-Mid-Sr- The teams returning 1st team All-American Defensive Mid. Christian is the best pure athlete on the team as well as the fastest player on the team, he can push and create in transition.
Clark Salamie-LSM/FO-So.- 1st team RMLC FOS , Clark is a dynamic LSM who is very offensive minded and looks to push the ball whenever he can.
Hayden McClain-LSM-Sr. Hayden has been a four year player for the Buffs, he is a shut down defenseman, guarding opponents top midfield threat. Hayden is a ground ball machine, as well as constantly picking off passes and turning defense into offense

Brigham Young University : 2013 (16 – 5)/(3 – 2)

BYU Men's Lacrosse

B+ | BYU will never shy away from a tough schedule. It’s no surprise to see a nice mix of D1 competition from different conferences. It will be tiring to face a huge road stretch to start the season, will they have what it takes to knock down the Rams or Buffaloes? Staying stuck in a permanent state of third place in your conference must be frustrating.

2/1 – UNLV (Home)
2/14 – Boise State (Away)
2/15 – Simon Fraser (Away)
2/20 – Boston College (Away)
2/21 – Oregon (Home)
2/22 – San Diego State (Away)
3/5 – Michigan State (Home)
3/7 – Colorado (Away)*
3/8 – Colorado State (Away)*
3/15 – Arizona (Home)
3/22 – Westminster (Home)*
3/26 – UC Santa Barbara (Home)
3/29 – Cal Poly (Home)
4/12 – Utah Valley (Home)*
4/19 – Utah (Away)*

Westminster College : 2013 (16 – 5)/(2 – 0)

B+: The newcomers to D1 could take a beating for a while in such a great conference. Competition won’t look much different from last year but they’re stepping up and taking on only D1 teams. They’ll have a solid finish in fourth unless they can take down one of the three powerhouses in the conference.

2/15 – Utah State (Away)
2/21 – UNLV (Away)
2/23 – Whittier (Away)+
2/26 – Loyola Marymount (Away)
3/6 – Utah Valley (Home)
3/13 – Arizona (Home)
3/16 – Idaho (Home)
3/22 – BYU (Away)*
3/24 – UC Santa Barbara (Home)
3/28 – Cal Poly (Home)
4/5 – Utah (Home)*
4/11 – Colorado (Away)*
4/12 – Colorado State (Away)*
4/18 – Boise State (Away)
4/19 – Washington (Away)

From MCLA Team Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
Josh Holland, A, So, transfer with quick first step
Colin Madsen, M, Sr, leader on the field (capt), and off (4.0 last semester)
Weston Morely, D, Sr, Top athlete

University of Utah : 2013 (7 – 10)/(2 – 3)

B+ | The Utes have a tough and exciting schedule. It’s always good to see Utah constantly pushing forward. The huge road stretch to start the season and all division games at the end of the season could be a good thing, but their competition is of the highest caliber.

2/15 – USC (Away)
2/16 – Arizona State (Home)
3/1 – UNLV (Away)
3/8 – Boise State (Away)
3/11 – Oregon (Away)
3/12 – Oregon State (Away)
3/14 – Simon Fraser (Away)
3/17 – Arizona (Home)
3/24 – Utah Valley (Away)
3/28 – Utah State (Home)
3/30 – San Diego State (Home)
4/5 – Westminster (Away)*
4/11 – Colorado State (Away)*
4/12 – Colorado (Away)*
4/19 – BYU (Home)*


Utah State University : 2013 (4 – 10)/(1 – 4)

B- | The boys from Logan face a good mix of D1 and D2 competition in and out of conference. Their home and away games are spread out evenly. The mix of competition adds up for a fairly decent schedule overall.

2/15 – Westminster (Home)
3/7 – Montana State (Away)
3/8 – Montana (Home)
3/11 – Fort Lewis (Away)
3/12 – New Mexico (Away)*
3/14 – Nebraska (Home)
3/22 – College of Idaho (Home)
3/28 – Utah (Away)
4/1 – San Diego State (Home)
4/11 – Idaho (Away)
4/19 – Utah Valley (Home)*

From MCLA Team Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
Blade Garlow Attack, Sophomore. Blade was the 2013 RMLC Rookie of the year he finished the season as a freshman with 28 g 9 a.
Devin Chipman Midfield, Junior. Devin was an RMLC All-Conf Honorable mention as a Midfield and a Face-off man. Devin went 7-10 vs BYU on F/O and had 68 GB through the season.
Kevin Mann Midfield, Junior. Kevin was an RMLC All-Conf Honorable mention at midfield. Kevin had two goals vs CSU and is money on transition.
Matthew Taylor Midfield, Senior. Matt returns for his final year of lacrosse, Matthew is one of the best athletes in the game. Matt did not play in 2013, during the 2012 season Matt had 4 goals vs Westminster scoring on WM All-American defender for 2 of those.

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Playing in the newly created Division 1AA leaves us with just two options UVU and New Mexico both are must win situations.

University of New Mexico : 2013 (2 – 9)/(0 – 5)

B- | Starting off the season with two road stretches to TX and AZ can prove to be challenging. All season they face some tough competition and most of it is in-state. They’re definitely looking to improve their record this season, but with only two conference games, it may be hard to come out on top.

2/16 – Southern Methodist (Away)
2/16 – Texas Tech (Away)
3/1 – Fort Lewis (Home)
3/2 – Northern Arizona (Away)
3/12 – Utah State (Home)*
3/14 – JWU-Denver (Away)
3/15 – Nebraska (Home)
3/18 – Colorado Mines (Away)
4/5 – Utah Valley (Away)*
4/26 – Western State (Away)
4/27 – Colorado Springs (Away)+

Utah Valley University : 2012 (2 – 8)/(1 – 2) – Sat Out 2013

B+ | UVU is coming out strong after taking a year off by not shying away from a good mix of D1 and D2 in and out of conference. Heavy travel load to start the season but the rest is in-state. Divisional games at the end of season give plenty of time to get situated. We are excited to see how they do against their D1 competition.

2/21 – Colorado Mines (Away)
2/22 – JWU-Denver (Away)
3/6 – Westminster (Away)
3/10 – UNLV (Away)
3/11 – Claremont (Away)
3/12 – San Diego State (Away)
3/13 – San Diego (Away)
3/19 – Idaho (Home)
3/24 – Utah (Home)
3/28 – Fort Lewis (Home)
3/29 – Montana State (Home)
4/5 – New Mexico (Home)*
4/12 – BYU (Away)*
4/19 – Utah State (Away)*

Next up: UMLC

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