Making the Grade: PCLL DI

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the PCLL Division 1.
Making the Grade PCLL Division 1

Boston College : 2013 (13 – 1)/(6 – 0)

A | We are thoroughly impressed with BC’s first 5 games. Could it be any harder to take on the likes of G. Tech, BYU, Chapman, and Colorado to start the season? We would like to see more games on the schedule, but the strength of opponents kept the grade up. They should be able to handle themselves again in the PCLL this year, and we are excited to see their record heading in to conference play.

1/31 – Georgia Tech (Away)
2/1 – Georgia (Away)
2/20 – BYU (Home)
2/22 – Chapman (Away)
2/23 – Colorado (Home)
3/18 – Rhode Island (Home)*
3/22 – Briarcliffe (Home)
3/28 – Northeastern (Away)*
4/4 – SUNY-Buffalo (Away)*
4/5 – Pittsburgh (Home)
4/11 – Connecticut (Away)*
4/26 – New Hampshire (Home)*

From MCLA team survey:
What are your team’s goals for the 2014 season?
First and foremost, our goal is to help develop our guys into great men, and to continue to portray a positive image of Boston College both in the community, and around the country.
Between the lines, this team has a tremendous mix of talent and leadership, and our goal is maximize this potential by competing every single day, whether game or practice. We keep our practices intensely competitive and the players push each other both mentally and physically to hold themselves accountable for the goals we’ve put in place.
Ultimately, our goal is to win the PCLL, earn a favorable seed in the national tournament, and make a run at the 2014 MCLA Championship.

Who are your players to watch this year?
This year, it’s all about the team operating as one cohesive unit, and we plan on having contributors from every class and every position on the field. There’s too many guys to watch, but it all starts from the top, with the leadership that comes from some of our seniors like John Lambrecht (Attack), Dan Klemmer (Defense), Chris Knoth (LSM), Will Forsyth & Brent Van Fossan (Midfield).

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Every one of them. We open with Georgia Tech and Georgia, who were both Top 25 teams in 2013, are very well-coached, and will test us right out of the gates. Then it’s BYU, Chapman, and Colorado out in California. We’ve created a nationally competitive out of conference schedule allowing us to compete with some of the best teams the MCLA has to offer, and we couldn’t be more excited for the challenge.

University of Connecticut : 2013 (12 – 2)/(5 – 1)

B | We are glad to see some games scheduled against good CCLA and SELC opponents. If they added more games or spent more time on the road the grade would get a little boost, but like most of the teams, they play a PCLL heavy schedule. The last weekend will be exciting for UConn, and hopefully the tough competition will prepare them for the MCLA tourney.

3/1 – U.S. Coast Guard (Away)
3/9 – Rhode Island (Home)*
3/13 – New Haven (Away)
3/29 – Clemson (Away)
3/30 – Virginia Tech (Away)
4/11 – Boston College (Home)*
4/13 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)*
4/18 – Northeastern (Home)*
4/26 – Pittsburgh (Away)
4/27 – Michigan State (Home in Pittsburgh)

SUNY – Buffalo : 2013 (8 – 8)/(3 – 3)

B+ | Buffalo is taking on a great mix of competition. It will be fun to be able to gauge the squad against good programs from all over. Although most of their D1 competition aren’t playoff caliber opponents, they still see some high quality action east of the Mississippi. Their first stretch is on the road in TN, AL, FL, WV and MI, which, if you are bad at reading maps, is a long way from Buffalo. We can’t wait to see how they handle it.

3/16 – Vanderbilt (Away)
3/17 – Alabama (Away)
3/18 – Minnesota (Home in Alabama)
3/20 – Central Florida (Away)
3/23 – West Virginia (Away)
3/29 – Michigan State (Away)
4/4 – Boston College (Home)*
4/6 – Pittsburgh (Home)
4/11 – New Hampshire (Away)*
4/12 – Northeastern (Away)*
4/13 – Connecticut (Away)*
4/25 – Rhode Island (Home)*
4/27 – Ohio University (Home)

Northeastern University : 2013 (8 – 7)/(3 – 3)

C | Even though they have added some games pretty late, there is still more to be desired from Northeastern’s schedule. They will have a rough start on the road against Clemson, Florida and G. Tech, but it eases quite a bit after that, only taking on two PCLL D2 teams out of conference.

2/21 – Clemson (Away)
2/22 – Florida (Away)
2/23 – Georgia Tech (Away)
3/15 – Briarcliffe (Away)
3/22 – New Hampshire (Home)*
3/23 – Worcester Poly Tech (Away)
3/28 – Boston College (Home)*
4/5 – Rhode Island (Away)*
4/12 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)*
4/18 – Connecticut (Away)*

University of New Hampshire : 2013 (5 – 8)/(1 – 5)

UNH lacrosse

B | Go big or go home they said. The first 5 games to start the season will be a real pain in the rear end for UNH. The only thing holding them down is once conference play starts they never really venture away from the PCLL. We’d like to see more top notch competition throughout the season, but we are nonetheless impressed by their plans for 2014.

2/22 – Wake Forest (Away)
2/23 – Liberty (Away)
3/9 – Arizona (Away)
3/11 – Grand Canyon (Away)
3/22 – Northeastern (Away)*
3/28 – Bridgewater (Home)
3/30 – Maine (Home)
4/2 – Framingham (Home)
4/9 – Worcester Poly Tech (Home)
4/11 – SUNY-Buffalo (Home)*
4/19 – Rhode Island (Away)*
4/26 – Boston College (Away)*

University of Rhode Island : 2013 (3 – 8)/(0 – 6)

B- | Hopefully they can use some of their D2 opponents to gain wins for the program. They take on a variety of D1 and D2 teams and we expect an improved record from last year, but the conference wins won’t be easy.

2/22 – Stonehill (Away)+
3/5 – U.S. Coast Guard (Away)
3/9 – Connecticut (Away)*
3/12 – S. Connecticut (Home)
3/18 – Boston College (Away)*
3/22 – East Carolina (Away)
3/23 – George Washington (Away)
3/30 – Briarcliffe (Home)
4/5 – Northeastern (Home)*
4/19 – New Hampshire (Home)*
4/25 – SUNY-Buffalo (Away)*
4/26 – Ohio University (Home)

+ indicates scrimmage * indicates conference game

Next Up: RMLC.

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