Making the Grade: GRLC DII SE, SW

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the GRLC Division 2, Southeast and Southwest.
making the Grade GRLC division 2

Lindenwood University-Belleville : 2013 (10 – 3)/(2 – 1)

B+ | We appreciate a nice mix of D2 competition by taking on high caliber teams. It should be exciting to see them play St. Thomas this season. The two tough road stretches to MN and FL at the beginning of season will be challenging. We expect them to finish at the top of their division again this year, unless Washington brings their A game. This is a team to keep eyes on.

2/23 – Michigan-Dearborn (Home)
2/28 – North Dakota State (Away)
3/1 – St. Johns (Away)
3/2 – St. Thomas (Away)
3/14 – Palm Beach Atlantic (Away)
3/16 – Florida Gulf Coast (Away)
3/21 – Siena Heights (Home)
3/23 – Bethel (Home)
4/12 – DePaul (Home)*
4/14 – Wash-St. Louis (Away)*
4/15 – Saint Louis U (Home)*
4/18 – Tennessee Wesleyan (Home)
4/23 – Missouri Baptist (Away)
4/25 – Missouri State (Home)*

From MCLA Team Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
We have a lot of exciting players too watch this season. Our goaltending is always entertaining with our two sophomore goalies. Dylan Whittingham (Granite Hills HS- GRLC 1st All-Conference) from SD, California looks better than last year, and don’t be surprised to see Andy Kunkemueller (CBC HS- St. Louis, MO) between the pipes as well. Andy finished in the top 10 in save percentage last season, but was overshadowed last year as he filled in as a Defensive midfielder last year for depth purposes.

Our midfield will be exciting to watch as well. Returning sophomore Midfielders Cody Trella (Chandler HS- Chandler, AZ. 1st All-Conference, 3rd Team All-American) and Bobby Lacker (Ozark HS, Ozark, MO) will look to improve on excellent rookie seasons.

We also have two new additions to our midfield. Freshman Luke Hartmann (Rockwood Summit HS, Fenton, MO) brother of Junior Attackman Nick Hartmann will make an immediate impact as solid 2-way middie. The other addition is Marcus Seale (Fontbonne NCAA D III, St. Louis, MO) Another excellent midfielder that will contribute on both sides of the field.

Which out of conference game on your schedule are you most excited about? Why?
Thats a tough question. I attempted to create a challenging schedule this off-season and I think I did a good job of making it come true scheduling 8 teams in the top 25. For that reason its hard to say who were excited to play, but if I had to pick one for the guys I would have to go with UST. After all, they have won back to back National Championships at the Division II level. It’s a great opportunity for us to play such an established team in just our second year of competition. I also think it speaks volume about how far our program has come in such a short period.

Washington University-St. Louis : 2013 (4 – 7)/(1 – 2)

B+ | They face a solid mix of competition including a D1 matchup against Illinois. We are a little let down with the lack of road threat, but the trip to NC at beginning of season and trip to IL in the middle will push them. It’s possible to finish above Lindenwood if they can take advantage of divisional games.

2/1 – Fontbonne (Away)+
2/22 – UNC-Charlotte (Away)
2/23 – Appalachian State (Away)
3/1 – Illinois (Home)
3/19 – Bethel (Home)
3/22 – Judson (Away)
3/23 – DePaul (Away)*
3/29 – Wabash (Home)*
3/30 – Missouri State (Away)*
4/12 – Missouri Baptist (Home)
4/14 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Home)*
4/28 – Saint Louis U (Home)

Wabash College : 2013 (1 – 8)/(0 – 4)

D- | Extremely short schedule, maybe it’s because of their transition to the NCAA? Not much going on here, also just looking to improve their overall record.

2/22 – Ball State (Home)+
3/1 – Taylor (Home)
3/29 – Wash-St. Louis (Away)*
4/5 – Saint Louis U (Home)
4/19 – Wheaton (Away)
4/19 – Judson (Away)
4/26 – DePaul (Home)


Missouri State University : 2013 (5 – 4)/(3 – 0)

B+ | We’re always glad to see a good mix of competition in and out of conference. We are most excited about the game against Arkansas as well as the road stretch to GA at beginning of season and IL after. All of their divisional games at the end of season should help with momentum going into the playoffs. We figure they have a good chance of finishing above MO Baptist.

2/15 – Missouri Valley (Away)
2/12 – Emory (Away)
2/22 – Emmanuel (Away)
2/23 – Kennesaw State (Away)
2/28 – St. Ambrose (Home)
3/1 – Arkansas (Home)
3/21 – Judson (Away)
3/21 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)
3/22 – DePaul (Away)*
3/30 – Wash-St. Louis (Home)*
4/4 – Missouri Baptist (Home)*
4/6 – Missouri S&T (Home)*
4/25 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Away)*
4/26 – Saint Louis U (Away)*

Missouri Baptist University : 2013 (9 – 7)/(3 – 1)

B- | Only two divisional games have us wondering how the GRLC will play out. We think more games should be added, but they take on good competition. There is no real road threat with only three out of state games.

2/28 – Missouri Valley (Home)
3/7 – Bethel (Away)
3/8 – North Dakota State (Away)
3/14 – DePaul (Home)
3/22 – Siena Heights (Home)
3/28 – Grand Valley State (Away)
4/5 – Missouri S&T (Away)*
4/11 – Saint Louis U (Away)*
4/12 – Wash-St. Louis (Home)
4/19 – Tennessee Wesleyan (Home)
4/23 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Home)
4/25 – St. Ambrose (Home)

Saint Louis University : 2013 (2 – 7)/(0 – 3)

C | We see some decent competition outside of the divisional games. Scrimmages are nice, but I hope the Butler game doesn’t get out of hand. Again they have no real road threat by only having two games out of state. It seems the schedule was made to improve their overall record.

2/22 – Michigan-Dearborn (Home)
3/1 – Southern Illinois (Home)+
3/20 – Bethel (Home)
3/22 – Butler (Home)+
3/30 – Missouri S&T (Home)*
4/5 – Wabash (Away)
4/11 – Missouri Baptist (Home)*
4/12 – Missouri Valley (Home)
4/15 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Away)*
4/26 – Missouri State (Home)*
4/28 – Wash-St. Louis

Missouri University of S&T : 2013 (0 – 7)/(0 – 2)

D | Not much to say about their really short schedule. They face low caliber competition outside division games, but it’s evenly matched. We are very curious about the Arkansas game, that will be an interesting start for both teams. The games against MO Valley and St. Ambrose might be what they need to pick up a W or two this season.

3/8 – Arkansas (Home)
3/30 – Saint Louis U (Away)*
4/5 – Missouri Baptist (Home)*
4/6 – Missouri State (Away)*
4/19 – Dordt (Home)
4/19 – Missouri Valley (Away)
4/26 – St. Ambrose (Home)

From MCLA Team Survey
Who are your players to watch this year?
Jedidiah Dieckmann – Attack – Freshman – The kid’s got skills.
Dylan Blake – Attack – Freshman – Modest and quiet but explodes when you aren’t looking.
Samuel Geers – Defense – Freshman – He plays harder than someone his size should be able to. Wait till he gets bigger. Plus dat flow.

Next Up: GRLC Division 1.

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