Making the Grade: GRLC DII NE, NW

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the GRLC Division 2, Northeast and Northwest.
making the Grade GRLC division 2


DePaul University : 2013 (9 – 3)/(3 – 1)

B | Although we would like to see a little more from last year’s conference champs, it’s not a bad schedule. The Blue Demons don’t have much road threat with only 3 out of state games, yet they do face decent competition all around. It is a pretty short schedule but an improvement from last year. Again, we expect to see them finish on top of the conference.

3/14 – Missouri Baptist (Away)
3/15 – Missouri Valley (Away)
3/22 – Missouri State (Home)
3/23 – Wash-St. Louis (Home)
3/30 – St. Johns (Home)
4/2 – Judson (Home)*
4/4 – Robert Morris: IL (Home)*
4/5 – Wheaton (Home)*
4/12 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Away)
4/19 – St. Ambrose (Away)

From MCLA Team Survey:
Charlie Mayne, Junior, Midfield/Attack. Charlie brings a great amount of talent to our team, and his leadership on and off the field has been fantastic during fall ball. His deep knowledge of the game and high lacrosse IQ will be extremely important as we hope to have a more high powered offense this season.

Sam Thorne, Sophomore, Defense. Sam took home the conference championship MVP honors last year. A standout defenseman, Sam is an unbelievable asset to a defense that allowed 6.18 goals per game last season. He is a takeaway defender that can shut down the best of the best.

Thomas McGlynn, Junior, LSM. Thomas’ versatility showed last season, and will continue to show this season. Thomas led the team in takeaways and ground balls, which he had 122 of (11.1/game). Thomas took face-offs for us at times, and finished the season with 5 goals and 7 assists. His ability to clear the ball was a key factor to our success throughout the season.

Dario Rovito, Sophomore, Attack. Dario comes back as our leading scorer, leading the team in assists and finishing 3rd in goal scoring. Dario was the only player on our team to earn All-Conference honors, taking the GRLC Honorable Mention Attack spot. Dario’s ability to possess the ball while under pressure is unrivaled. With new offensive minded transfers and freshmen, Dario should have an explosive season.

Judson University : 2013 (11 – 3)/(3 – 1)

B- | It seems that Eagles created this schedule to pad their record this season. They do face some lower end competition in and out of conference. We would like to see a stronger schedule coming from them, due to only 1 game out of state. They might be able to finish above DePaul with home games and competition in their favor, we will have to see how they reload from last season.

3/8 – St. Olaf (Home)
3/13 – Lawrence Tech (Home)
3/21 – Missouri State (Home)
3/22 – Wash-St. Louis (Home)
4/2 – DePaul (Away)*
4/4 – St. Ambrose (Home)
4/9 – Wheaton (Away)*
4/11 – Northwood (Home)
4/12 – Dordt (Home)
4/18 – Robert Morris: IL (Home)*
4/19 – Wabash (Home)
4/26 – Ferris State (Away)

Wheaton College : 2013 (4 – 4)/1 – 3)

C+ | Wheaton is facing a decent mix of competition in and out of conference. The 3 game road stretch to start the season will challenge them, but the rest of the season remains in state. Divisional games are spread out pretty evenly which can help carry momentum. Wheaton could, and should, finish over .500 overall this season.

3/8 – Missouri Valley (Away)*
3/21 – Aquinas (Away)
3/22 – Michigan-Dearborn (Away)
3/28 – Ferris State (Home)
3/29 – Bradley (Home)+
4/5 – DePaul (Away)*
4/9 – Judson (Home)*
4/12 – St. Ambrose (Away)
4/19 – Wabash (Home)
4/25 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)*

Robert Morris University-Illinois : 2013 (0 – 7)/(0 – 0)

C | No doubt the Eagles are definitely looking to improve from last year and a good mix of competition should help. We would like to see Robert Morris get at least one win this season. All of their games are in state and we hope they can carry momentum in to the division games at the end of season.

3/7 – St. Olaf (Home)
3/13 – Missouri Valley (Home)
3/15 – Lawrence Tech (Home)
3/21 – Missouri State (Home)
3/22 – Lourdes (Home)
3/28 – Bradley (Home)
4/4 – DePaul (Away)*
4/11 – Dordt (Home)
4/12 – Northwood (Home)
4/18 – Judson (Away)*
4/25 – Wheaton (Home)*

From MCLA Team Survey:
Zach Barth – A, Lane Tech (IL), 6’5″, 240lbs, great handle, strong finisher (Freshman)
Chance Larsen – G, El Capitan (CA), 6’1″, 220lbs, great presence in net (Freshman)
Colin Bishop – D, Springfield Catholic (MO), 6’0″, 180 lbs, two way defenseman, outstanding positional defense (Freshman)


Creighton University : 2013 (7 – 2)/(2 – 0)

Creighton Blue Jays

C+ | We are getting bold, but we feel Creighton is no longer guaranteed a first place finish in their division. They have a pretty short schedule compared to the rest of their class. Most of the season is played on the road so we will place them on top based on last year’s record, but with the addition of 3 new schools, expect things to get shaken up.

2/28 – Benedictine (Away)*
3/1 – Missouri Valley (Home)*
3/22 – Colorado Mines (Away)
3/23 – Regis (Away)
3/29 – Dordt (Away)*
4/5 – St. Ambrose (Away)*
4/12 – St. Olaf (Away)
4/13 – Bethel (Away)
4/25 – Nebraska (Away)

Dordt College : 2013 (2 – 6)/(1 – 1)

B+ | It looks like Dordt is moving backwards compared to previous years. Shorter schedules, lower level of competition, and less wins aren’t helping the program move forward. The expansion of the division might bring some new life to the program, but we won’t know until they take on the 3 newcomers. Hopefully Dordt can turn it around this season.

2/22 – Kansas State (Away)
2/22 – Nebraska (Away)
3/1 – St. Olaf (Away)
3/1 – Bethel (Away)
3/22 – St. Ambrose (Home)*
3/22 – Benedictine (Away)*
3/29 – Creighton (Home)*
4/11 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)
4/12 – Judson (Away)
4/19 – Missouri S&T (Away)
4/19 – Missouri Valley (Away)*

Missouri Valley College : New for 2013

A- | We love to see the great mix of competition for their first year. It’s hard to gauge where they’ll finish because St. Ambrose is also new. It will be comfortable for them with only 3 games out of state. We dig the solid schedule length to get a feel for what they’ll be up against in the future. We are excited to see how they do.

2/15 – Missouri State (Home)
2/22 – Rockhurst (Home)+
2/28 – Missouri Baptist (Away)
3/1 – Creighton (Away)*
3/5 – Missouri (Away)
3/8 – Wheaton (Home)*
3/13 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)
3/15 – DePaul (Home)
3/21 – St. Ambrose (Home)*
3/29 – Rockhurst (Away)+
4/5 – Benedictine (Home)*
4/12 – Saint Louis U (Away)
4/19 – Dordt (Home)*
4/19 – Missouri S&T (Home)
4/29 – Kansas (Away)

Saint Ambrose University : New for 2013

A | Wow, definitely a great schedule for their first season. Right now, it’s hard to gauge where they’ll finish with Missouri Valley being new. They took on a good amount of games to get a feel for competition with a nice mix of competition at all levels. It looks like all the games might be played on the road, we don’t quite know yet and it will definitely be a rough season if that’s the case. Again, we are really excited to see how the the new programs do.

2/28 – Missouri State (Away)
3/1 – Arkansas (Away)
3/8 – Coastal Carolina (Away)
3/11 – Clemson (Away)
3/12 – Wofford (Away)
3/21 – Missouri Valley (Away)*
3/22 – Dordt (Away)*
3/29 – Benedictine (Home)*
4/4 – Judson (Home)
4/5 – Creighton (Home)*
4/11 – Bradley (Away)
4/12 – Wheaton (Home)
4/19 – DePaul (Home)
4/25 – Missouri Baptist (Away)
4/26 – Missouri S&T (Away)

Benedictine College : New for 2013

D+ | Now it looks like they have a shorter schedule than originally posted. We know that they are taking it easy their first season, but we would have loved to see them jump in head first like St. Ambrose and Missouri Valley. The short schedule can be a blessing or a curse, yet we are putting them last because they don’t have enough games quite yet to help them get them situated.

2/28 – Creighton (Home)*
3/1 – Kansas State (Away)
3/22 – Dordt (Home)*
3/29 – St. Ambrose (Away)*
4/5 – Missouri Valley (Away)*
4/26 – Kansas (Home)
4/26 – Kansas State (Home)

+ indicates scrimmage * indicates conference game


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