Making the Grade: CCLA DII

Leading in to the 2014 MCLA season we will be breaking down and grading the schedules for every conference and the teams in each division. Today we review the CCLA Division 2.
making the grade ccla division 2


Siena Heights University : 2013 (11 – 3)/(2 – 2)

Sienna Heights mens lacrosse

Photo credit: Sienna Heights Men’s Lacrosse Facebook

A+ | With John Carroll moving up to the NCAA D3 this season, Siena Heights is changing divisions from the South to the North. They’re taking on some tough competition in and out of conference and they have a few D1 games mixed in against Central Michigan and Davenport. The scrimmages against tough NCLL teams, Saginaw, MI-Flint, and Ball State, plus a surprising D3 match up against Capital are going to be interesting. Even though they’re scrimmage games and don’t count towards the MCLA record, they can’t be overlooked in the rankings. Siena Height should easily finish #1 in their new division without any problems. They took down John Carroll twice last season and have defeated MI-Dearborn twice in their last three meetings. Great coaching with a ton of returners, we can’t wait to see SHU again this season!

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2/8 – Saginaw Valley (Home)+
2/8 – Central Michigan (Away)
3/8 – Ferris State (Home)
3/14 – Michigan-Flint (Home)+
3/16 – Capital (Away)+
3/21 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Away)
3/22 – Missouri Baptist (Away)
3/26 – Lourdes (Home)
3/28 – Northwood (Away)*
3/30 – Oakland (Home)*
4/4 – Lawrence Tech (Home)*
4/6 – Michigan-Dearborn (Home)*
4/10 – Ball State (Home)+
4/15 – Indiana Tech (Away)
4/19 – Davenport (Away)

University of Michigan-Dearborn : 2013 (5 – 6)/(3 – 1)


Photo credit: Great State Lax

C- | Since first seeing MI-Dearborn’s schedule at the beginning of last month, it looks like every home game has disappeared. Unfortunately, we can only rank the games on the most current schedule. Dearborn had a top notch schedule that would have earned them a higher ranking but this schedule is lacking. It’s still expected that they will finish at the top of the division. However, the introduction of Siena Heights into the mix changes things entirely. It will be interesting to see how the meeting between the two teams will go now that there is something bigger at stake.

2/22 – Saint Louis U (Away)
2/23 – Lindenwood-Belleville (Away)
3/8 – Taylor (Away)
3/16 – Lourdes (Away)
3/29 – Northwood (Away)*
4/6 – Siena Heights (Away)*
4/13 – Toledo (Away)

Oakland University :2013  (3 – 4)/(2 – 2)

B | The Grizzlies are going up against a nice mix of D1 and D2 teams in and out of their conference. They’re going to have to overcome a tough five game road stretch to start the season.  Their game against neighboring U of Michigan’s club team will be interesting. 

3/2 – Aquinas (Away)
3/8 – Lourdes (Away)
3/14 – Bethel (Away)
3/15 – St. Olaf (Away)
3/23 – Michigan: Club (Away)+
3/26 – Lawrence Tech (Home)*
3/30 – Siena Heights (Away)*
4/12 – Central Michigan (Home)
4/13 – Western Michigan (Away)
4/16 – Northwood (Home)*

Northwood University : 2013 (3 – 9)/(1 – 3)

B- | Northwood has an interesting schedule ahead of them this year. Three away games to start the season and then finishing it off with four more road games will prove to be a challenge, especially since they’re taking on Grand Valley and Judson on the road.  Their four game home stretch includes three divisional games, two of which are against Dearborn and Siena Heights. You have to give it up for Northwood for not shying away from a tough schedule.

2/22 – Toledo (Away)
3/1 – Saginaw Valley (Away)+
3/20 – Grand Valley State (Away)
3/22 – Lawrence Tech (Home)*
3/28 – Siena Heights (Home)*
3/29 – Michigan-Dearborn (Home)*
4/2 – Aquinas (Home)
4/6 – Lourdes (Away)
4/11 – Judson (Away)
4/12 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)
4/16 – Oakland (Away)*

Lawrence Technological University : 2013 (3 – 6)/(0 – 4)


Photo credit:

C- | It’s hard not to feel bad for Lawrence Tech. The Blue Devils play their entire season on the road. Last year they played their home games at Bishop Foley HS, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.  Lawrence Tech is going to have a tough time on the road. They’re looking to improve their schedule but all the travel might make that difficult.

3/13 – Judson (Away)
3/15 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)
3/22 – Northwood (Away)*
3/26 – Oakland (Away)*
4/2 – Lourdes (Away)
4/4 – Siena Heights (Away)*
4/8 – Toledo (Away)
4/11 – Aquinas (Away)
4/13 – Ferris State (Away)*

From MCLA Survey:
Who are your players to watch this year?
Gabe O’Neil, AA Midfielder-F/O, freshman, High impact player, fast, uses both hands
Nick VerVeacke, AS LSM, freshman, quick, great skill with the long pole
Nick Denney, defenseman, Sophomore, big 6’3 240, with speed
Adam Gohl, goalie, sophomore, fast hands, great ball stopper, defense leader
Bryan Burhham, junior, attack, quick dodger, rocket shot, team captain.
Justin Clark, junior, midfielder, crease middie, great finisher


University of Dayton : 2013 (4 – 5)/(3 – 1)

A+ | The Flyers are stepping up to another tough schedule this season. They’re starting off with a four game road stretch that includes two tough D1 match ups. There’s a nice mix of competition throughout the season that you come to expect from Dayton’s schedule. It’s good to see them back at it after their schedule fell a little short of expectations last year. As always, the grudge match between Dayton and St. Thomas will continue this season. Will they be able pick up a W against the Tommies for the first time since 2007? There’s only one way to find out….and what’s all this we hear about UD making a NCAA D1 push?!?!?

2/8 – Coastal Carolina (Away)
2/9 – St. Andrews (Away)
2/22 – Kentucky (Away)
2/23 – Purdue (Away)
3/14 – Kennesaw State (Home)
3/16 – Indiana Tech (Home)
3/20 – SCAD (Home)
3/22 – St. Thomas (Home)
3/28 – North Dakota State (Away)
3/29 – St. Johns (Away)
4/5 – Grove City (Away)*
4/9 – Lourdes (Home)*

Grove City College : 2013 (11 – 3)/(3 – 0)

A- | Grove City is taking on some big competition again this year. Their six game road stretch to start the season is going to be tough.  They’re trip to Florida is filled with tough match ups. Grove City should have at least one D1 game in their schedule. If not that, then the best of the best in D2. They should watch out for Dayton to redeem themselves from last season.

2/15 – Pittsburgh (Away)+
2/22 – Briarcliffe (Away)
3/3 – Florida Gulf Coast (Away)
3/5 – Palm Beach Atlantic (Away)
3/7 – Stonehill (Away)
3/8 – Elon (Away)
3/15 – Taylor (Home)
3/15 – Central Connecticut (Home)
3/28 – St. Johns (Away)
3/29 – North Dakota State (Home)
4/5 – Dayton (Home)*
4/12 – Lourdes (Away)

Lourdes University : New for 2013

C | Welcome the Grey Wolves to the MCLA. In their first year of competition, they will be taking on a nice mix of D2 competition in and out of their conference. It’s difficult to gauge whether or not the schedule is too easy or too difficult without previous games to compare. We’ll consider their schedule average and settle with a C, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to discount them right from the start.  They’re going on two gutsy road trips, one to South Carolina and the other to Michigan, to go up against some tough competition.

3/5 – Oakland (Home)
3/12 – Coastal Carolina (Away)
3/14 – UNC-Charlotte (Away)
3/16 – Michigan-Dearborn (Home)
3/22 – Robert Morris: IL (Away)
3/26 – Siena Heights (Away)
3/29 – Aquinas (Away)
4/2 – Lawrence Tech (Home)
4/6 – Northwood (Home)
4/9 – Dayton (Away)*
4/12 – Grove City (Home)*

Butler University : 2013 (0 – 8)/(0 – 2)

? | Completely gone from the MCLA site under 2014 CCLA Standings. The teams’ blog says they finished Fall Ball 2-1 and are getting ready for practices. The Bulldogs had a rough year last year, lucky to find enough guys to play all of their games. We love seeing teams do what they can to compete in the MCLA, but maybe Butler needs a few years in the NCLL to regroup. 

3/22 – Saint Louis U (Away)+

Carnegie Mellon University : 2013 (0 – 7)/(0 – 3)

? | Can’t find any information to confirm whether or not they will be competing this season. The team website just has a picture of the team in a huddle and the coach’s contact info. Again, we feel some time in the NCLL would do CMU some good.

No Schedule Online


Grand Valley State University : 2013 (11 – 7)/(3 – 1)

grand valley gvsu lacrosse

A | Grand Valley has another solid schedule this year. There have been a few additions to their schedule from what was posted in December. They added a three game road stretch against tough competition, including last year’s undefeated champs. There isn’t much else to say about the schedule except it’s going to be another challenging year, but Grand Valley will rise to the occasion.

2/7 – Michigan State (Home)+
2/28 – St. Johns (Away)
3/1 – St. Thomas (Away)
3/2 – North Dakota State (Away)
3/17 – Central Michigan (Home)
3/20 – Northwood (Home)
3/25 – Aquinas (Away)*
3/28 – Missouri Baptist (Home)
4/2 – Ferris State (Away)*
4/5 – Taylor (Home)*
4/16 – Davenport (Away)
4/18 – Indiana Tech (Home)*

Indiana Tech University : 2013 (9 – 7)/(4 – 0)

Indiana Tech tops PBA

A+ | The Warriors’ schedule is filled with games against high caliber teams. We know they’re up for the challenge, but this might be the year they have a one in the loss column since they first joined the MCLA in 2011. Grand Valley has been slowly closing the goal differential gap each year they meet. Indiana Tech may have the stronger schedule this year, but Grand Valley might knock them down a peg. We’ve been hinting at a lot of upsets this season for who finishes at the top of their division. This is another one.

2/28 – Elon (Away)
3/1 – St. Andrews (Away)
3/15 – Kennesaw State (Home)
3/16 – Dayton (Away)
3/22 – SCAD (Home)
3/23 – St. Thomas (Home)
3/29 – St. Johns (Home)
3/30 – North Dakota State (Home)
4/4 – Ferris State (Away)*
4/10 – Taylor (Home)*
4/15 – Siena Heights (Home)
4/18 – Grand Valley State (Away)*
4/19 – Aquinas (Away)*

Taylor University : 2013 (6 – 4)/(2 – 2)


Photo credit: Micah Hancock (Note: Mark Donahue looks darn good in stripes)

C | Taylor has a pretty short schedule this year. There isn’t much going on outside the conference, but the two games against Dearborn and Grove City gives the schedule a little more credibility.  All four divisional games at the end of the season could be an issue but with how short the schedule is, it doesn’t seem likely. Hopefully Taylor can pick up a few more games during the season to help them improve. The Christian boys from south of Ft. Wayne were fun to watch last year.

3/1 – Wabash (Away)
3/8 – Michigan-Dearborn (Home)
3/15 – Grove City (Away)
3/15 – Central Connecticut (Home)
4/10 – Indiana Tech (Away)*
4/12 – Aquinas (Home)*
4/19 – Ferris State (Home)*

Aquinas College : 2013 (6 – 10)/(1 – 3)

C- | Aquinas definitely put together a schedule to help improve their record. The number of games and the mix of conference and non-conference games are there, but the high caliber match ups are not. Aquinas should be looking to improve both on the field and on paper. This schedule looks more like filler to put their win percentage above .500. The trip to North Carolina seems more pleasure than business.

3/2 – Oakland (Home)
3/9 – Wofford (Away)
3/10 – UNC-Charlotte (Away)
3/12 – Davidson (Away)
3/21 – Wheaton (Home)
3/25 – Grand Valley State (Home)*
3/29 – Lourdes (Home)
4/2 – Northwood (Away)
4/6 – Central Michigan (Home)
4/11 – Lawrence Tech (Home)
4/12 – Taylor (Away)*
4/15 – Ferris State (Away)*
4/19 – Indiana Tech (Home)*

Ferris State University : 2013 (1 – 10)/(0 – 4)

C+ | Even though Ferris State struggled last season, it’s good to see them stepping up to play against a tough opponent like Judson. The schedule has a nice balance of home and away games. Ferris State could use a few more games to help improve their record and they are on the right path to do so.

3/8 – Siena Heights (Away)
3/21 – Central Michigan (Away)
3/28 – Wheaton (Away)
4/2 – Grand Valley State (Home)*
4/4 – Indiana Tech (Home)*
4/13 – Lawrence Tech (Home)*
4/15 – Aquinas (Home)*
4/19 – Taylor (Away)*
4/26 – Judson (Home)

Next Up: CCLA Division I

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