Life in Garnet: Finding Home Footing

The spring is here for the Gamecocks! Found out how the team from South Carolina has finished in their first few matches.

Editor’s Note: Please welcome junior midfielder, Vincent Rubino of the South Carolina Lacrosse team to MCLA Fan.  He is here to give insight on the lacrosse program and what life is like as a Gamecock Lacrosse player.  He is a Maryland native who enjoys lacrosse, tailgating, and is always avid about growing the game.

Since starting off the spring season several weeks ago, the 2014 campaign has had a different feel from past years.

After starting practice in mid-January, the Gamecocks finally had their first structured scrimmage on February 8th during our Garnet vs. White game. The game was intended to prepare us for our first scrimmage against the Citadel on the following Wednesday. But once again Mother Nature paid a visit to Columbia, interrupting our practice schedule once more.

Life in Garnet: Finding Home Footing

Despite not being able to practice, there was the upside of cancelled classes.

After attending my first two years at USC, I had never seen a single snow flake fall from the Carolina sky. Needless to say, the light dusting of snow that covered the Columbia landscape was a pleasant surprise. It was appreciated while it lasted, knowing that it might not happen again for quite some time.

Well, the winter weather struck again the week following our inter-squad scrimmage. We only got one night of practice in before the snow restrained us from playing again until the following Sunday. Fortunately, we were able to reschedule our scrimmage with The Citadel to Sunday 16th.

Finding Home Footing 2

After too many weeks of having to just compete against ourselves, the team was excited to finally play against someone new. Following a week of disastrous weather, our scrimmage against The Citadel was played on a perfect spring evening.

The weather was so great it would be almost improbable to believe that we had three snow days the week before. The Gamecocks struck first blood in the scrimmage, but The Citadel came into Columbia with something to prove. After only leading 4-2 at halftime, Carolina knocked off the rust and notched four quick goals to start the second half making the spread 8-2. The scrimmage ended with the Gamecocks on top 10-8. The contest was a productive way to get everyone back into the swing of things after missing nearly a week of practice. It’s always an enjoyable afternoon when everyone sees time on the field.

The focus now shifts immediately to our road trip to Tallahassee this Friday. Our weekend starts with a battle against the hometown Seminoles on Friday night at 7 pm followed by a clash with the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday afternoon.

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