Lacrosse the Border: Final Stand

The ending of the 2013-2014 Simon Fraser Lacrosse season. A bunch of guys that were teammates became a family.

Hey Lax All Stars Family,

The MCLA season has come to an end and I have to say it was quite the experience.

Looking back at fall ball, I was just another high school kid coming into the program. After roughly nine months in British Columbia I can definitely say I have a new group of people to call family. Everyone on the team from the seniors to the freshmen are all great teammates and I wouldn’t have wanted to be on another team. It wasn’t always a smooth ride throughout the year for the team but that’s what made us so close as a group.

The PNCLL playoffs were different this year because it was the first time our conference wasn’t split into two groups, so the best four teams went to playoffs instead of the top two from each side.

It just happened to work out that the team we played (Montana) and the other two teams (Oregon and Oregon State) played the week before playoffs too.

The game against Montana was good because it allowed us to get ourselves rolling before the championship the following day. We came out clicking on all cylinders against the grizzlies and won 18 to 3.

PNCLL Championship

It was now time for my first experience in a conference championship and the last chance for our seniors to win one. Everyone on the team was excited that Oregon was able to come out on top of Oregon State because we beat the for the first time in the regular season in while, so why not send the seniors out with two victories against them.

The atmosphere was totally different from the previous day. During pre game warmups everyone was fired up and focused on the game. No one had any doubt in their mind that we were going to win this game.

The beginning of the game didn’t goes as planned though. We ended up being down 4-1 pretty early in the game. Coach Hoskins called a timeout and got us settled down and we began to play our game. Everything began to click and goals just started going in the back of the net for us. We controlled the rest of the game and won 13-5.

Raising the trophy was a great experience. All the 6:30 AM practices were worth it at that moment. We achieved something the school hadn’t done in a while and the seniors hadn’t ever done. Winning the PNCLL also meant we got an automatic bid to the MCLA National Tournament.

MCLA National Tournament

Colorado State vs Simon Fraser 2014 MCLA Lacrosse National Tournament
Photo Credit: Bryan Cox

Going to the National Tournament was something everyone was very excited for. We were able to get a good practice in the Sunday before our game against Colorado State and everyone was feeling good heading into the game.

Colorado State vs Simon Fraser 2014 MCLA Lacrosse National Tournament

This was the biggest game anyone on the team had ever played and guys were definitely nervous. We knew heading into the game that scoring wasn’t going to come easy against CSU but we also felt like our defense could slow their offense down a lot too.

The entire game was back and forth.

At halftime we were down 4-1 (similar to the conference championship) and we knew we were still in this game if we could turn things around.

We came out in the second half and looked much better than in the first. We gave ourselves a chance to win the game but we weren’t able to get the win and lost 5-3. It sucked things ended so early in the tournament.

Things weren’t completely over though because we were able to beat Northeastern the following day and send our seniors out with a win.

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