Lacrosse the Border: 2014 With the Clan

Tanner Job, a freshman defenseman for Simon Fraser, will be blogging about what it means to play lacrosse in a new country and what it means to be a member of the SFU Clan.

Hey LaxAllStars family,

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Tanner Job and I am currently a freshman defenseman at Simon Fraser. I am from Boise, Idaho, and I am one of three Americans on the SFU team.

With the MCLA season upon us, I have been asked by the LAS staff to do video journals of our lacrosse season. The journals will consists of anything and everything happens during the season. There will be work outs, preseason, highlights of games, locker room talk, hanging out with the team, and anything else that comes up that I happen to catch on the camera. We will be traveling all over the west including Utah, Oregon, Arizona, and a few others.

Simon Fraser

The reason I am doing these journals is to show younger players as well as others what it’s like to be on an MCLA team, and the only Canadian one. This is a great opportunity for myself to do something I have never done before and learn a lot of good skills while doing this.

Our team is very competitive and confident that we can contend with the best in our league this year.

Our goal: Win our conference and reach the MCLA National Tournament.

There are many obstacles in our way of achieving this goal. Every game and opponent we face will test our strength as a team and allow us to prepare for the playoffs.

Simon Fraser

Our schedule has many key games, including: #3 Arizona State, #4 BYU, #8 Oregon, and #13 Texas.

This gives us plenty of opportunities to make a name for ourselves and prove to the league we’re one of the top teams this year. I hope you enjoy being on along the ride as we go through out season.

Simon Fraser

I’ll be back in the next couple weeks to fill you in on how the start of the 2014 is going for us!

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