Humpday Happenings

Check out some links from around the MCLA to help you make it through this Humpday evening.
Laying out for the ball.

Here a couple links to wet your appetite and help you get through your Wednesday evening.

Oregon vs. Cal Poly Photos

Oregon took on Cal Poly last weekend and came away with the dub. Here are some pics to check out on the F.O.O.L. (Friends of Oregon Lacrosse) Facebook page.

Here are some of my favs. Check out all the pics at the Oregon/Cal Poly Album.

Laying out for the ball.

Happiness Ensues

Great pics, Oregon must be stoked to have this many dedicated fans.

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Davenport vs. Ferris State LIVE Webcast

The Davenport vs. Ferris State men’s lacrosse game starting at 7:00pm will be aired on live video with live audio and there will also be live stats taken.

Davenport is 11-4 on the season and sits at #7 in the polls while Ferris State is 9-4 on the season. This should make for a great end of the regular season showdown between the two squads.

What not to do in the MCLA

Not to dwell on old news, but recently a video surfaced of a Cal lacrosse players taking a cheap on another player than taking advantage of the downed man to get a goal.

My only point here is that this is the complete opposite of what the MCLA needs, especially with the ever increasing attention that we are receiving. This isn’t summer ball, this isn’t just beer league lacrosse, this is a Virtual Varsity, albeit Club league. As an established league, competing for a serious National Title, we need to take it upon ourselves to better the league and our playing. I will get off my soapbox now, thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of your day.


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Dawgs Out West

This past weekend, The University of Georgia Bulldogs found themselves in the mountains of Colorado for a little fun and some great lacrosse against #1 Colorado State and #2 Colorado. The adventure that would ensue would prove to be one of the most interesting and challenging weekends of the season thus far.
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2013 MCLA D1 All-Americans: By the Numbers

The All-American honors are always a special announcement each year. Whether you believe in it or not, this is a team sport made up of individuals who put in a lot of effort and work to help make their team better. Players deserve to get that special recognition at the end of the season.