Growing The Program: Worcester Polytechnic Institute is proud to introduce Growing The Program, a summer content series presented by Maverik Lacrosse.

As we all know, the MCLA is growing and gaining more and more exposure each year. To help fuel the momentum, is conducting interviews with each and every coach in the MCLA about growing their program. We hope to create a valuable resource for current MCLA teams, new programs and potential recruits. We’re proud to have Maverik Lacrosse and Bigfoot Lacrosse on board to support this movement.

Next we head to Worcester, Massachusetts to check in with Coach Jeremy Skorinko and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute men’s lacrosse program.

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MCLA Fan: What are your goals for program growth this off-season? What are you doing to reach them?

Coach Skorinko: Goals for our program for this off-season were simple.  We wanted to increase the number of players on our roster to just about 30. We have an incoming class of about 15 players interested this season. We also wanted to get involved in a fall/winter league that the team was involved in about 6 years ago.  Finally, we wanted to be the best conditioned team in the league by the players working hard in the off season.

Where do you see your program in 5 years? How will it get there?

I see our program continuing to grow in the next 5 years with continued interest from the student body.  We will continue to try to find external funding for our program to hopefully allow us to begin to travel for out of conference games.

What are some key steps you’ve taken (or your program has taken) to promote your team on campus and create relationships with administration?

We recently got a new school admin who seems to be more involved with the club sports programs.  Our team president is in contact with her frequently.  Other members of our team try to get involved with the student government to promote lacrosse across campus and try to get us additional funding from the school.  We have created a Facebook page where the players promote our games and try to get a larger fan base.


Maverik Lacrosse: Growing the ProgramContact: Drew Adams, Maverik Lacrosse


What has been the most important part of your program’s success so far? Do you have any advice for other coaches (or team presidents) who are working to build a better program?

The biggest part of our success has been the commitment of our players to making the team a close-knit group.  The greater the commitment of the players in the off season the better the team is during the season.  To build a better program you have to seek external funding to be able to play all year around.

Out of conference (OOC) games are always an integral part of making it to the National Tournament. What do you look for in OOC opponents when scheduling?

I’d like to play some of the top 25 teams in the nation for OOC games.  Playing strong programs will give us the best opportunity to compete with the the top teams in the nation.

When recruiting, what do you tell potential recruits about your program and university? What do you have to offer?

WPI is one of the top 75 engineering colleges in the nation.  We have always had success in lacrosse making the playoffs each year.  We have a brand new surface on our field and currently a brand new athletic center is being built for off season workouts.  At WPI you will receive a world class education while being able to have fun playing a sport.

Thanks for the interview Coach, good luck this season. To find out more about the Engineers’ lax team, head over to their Facebook page.
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