Get Hype for 2014 with the Spartans

Michigan State’s new lacrosse hype video for 2014 gives chills and motivation to lax.

Aww yeah!

Get jiggy folks! This video was enough to get me to get out of my chair, throw the Beats over my ears and make my way to the closest wall.

Even though the 2014 MCLA season is underway, this video still gets me all jazzed up for the season. Seriously, this video is EPIC and with a little more product placement it probably should be a new commercial for Nike or something. I’m guessing if lacrosse ads looked that appealing, the national awareness of the sport would drastically increase overnight.

How do you not want to play lax after watching that?!

Hype City, USA, population: Michigan State Spartans.

Go Green, Go White!

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