Georgia Tech’s Ken Lovic Appointed MCLA President

On Monday, the MCLA announced that Ken Lovic had been appointed MCLA President despite the Executive Board’s earlier decision to have Gary Podesta fulfill the position. We sit down with Coach Lovic to discuss his vision for the MCLA.
Ken Lovic

On Monday, the MCLA announced that Ken Lovic had been appointed MCLA President. Lovic, the Georgia Tech head coach and former MCLA Executive Committee member, will fulfill the position after former President Tony Scazzero resigned at the beginning of June.

Gary Podesta, the league’s Vice President of Competition, was originally appointed by the Executive Committee to complete Scazzero’s remaining term. However, the Board of Directors, comprised of the directors of each conference, vetoed Podesta’s appointment in favor of Lovic’s.

MCLA Insider Dave Franklin praised Lovic’s appointment, saying that “Ken was the obvious pick for president coming off of Scazzero’s term. He is among the few current MCLA leaders who is in touch with the growth and success that the league enjoyed during John Paul’s [the MCLA President prior to Scazzero] terms.”

Franklin also noted that the Executive Committee’s original decision may have been affected by Lovic’s position as head coach at Georgia Tech. Podesta, the former Santa Clara University head coach, does not currently have coaching obligations.

Ken Lovic

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The Board of Directors felt otherwise, though, voting not to support the Committee’s decision and instead selecting Lovic as the MCLA’s fourth president. The Board’s decision undoubtedly took into account Podesta’s public call for a divisional restructuring of the MCLA – one that would add a third division. Despite Lovic’s support for a similar plan, his concern for addressing “current MCLA issues before installing a new segment,” as Franklin put it, appealed to the Board.

Franklin praised how Lovic has built the program at Georgia Tech as well as his success as a prior Vice President of Competition. “His experience in these areas in addition to others will come in very handy as the MCLA goes into summer meetings where they will discuss future MCLA Tournament sites and the broadcast platform of which the tournament games will be covered.”

Lovic will preside over the the MCLA Summer Meetings that will take place in San Diego in early August.

We had a chance to talk with Coach Lovic to hear his thoughts about the MCLA and his vision for the league.

What are you looking forward to most about being MCLA President?

I am most looking forward to representing our member teams and student-athletes. I am sport club director by trade and I am incredibly proud of the efforts of our association from the ground up. I want to put our best foot forward and let the lacrosse world know we are a wonderful opportunity to continue to play college lacrosse in a competitive atmosphere. We offer our players the true student-athlete experience from the on and off field experiences.

How will the presidency affect your coaching obligations at Georgia Tech? Do you plan to remain Head Coach?

I will remain with GT and continue coaching the Jackets. My job supports me in this position and working on campus helps a lot. I also have great assistant coaches who can certainly help carry the load if I need to be away for MCLA issues.

There has been some debate about adding a third division to the MCLA. Do you think this plan of action would be a positive step for the league?

We have recently sent out a survey to our member teams seeking to find out if they feel a new league alignment is needed. I am excited to get the feedback to gauge our member teams. I currently agree a change is needed and our competition committee will have some work ahead of them to establish a new divisional alignment for our association. I do feel a third division could benefit a number of teams in the MCLA but where that line is drawn is still to be decided.

What do you think is the most important issue that needs to be addressed for the upcoming season?

The future of our national tournament: from location, to broadcasting, to even format. I also feel we need to tackle some internal issues with regards to communication and media and marketing.

Where do you see the development of the MCLA taking the league in the next few years, and where do you see it going long-term?

I would like us to be looking big picture – in terms of national recognition. We have a great foundation to support the growth of the sport. The NCAA does not have the numbers to support the increible growth so I feel we need to be the ones who create a respectible and perioductive support system for that. We are on some of the top college campuses in the nation and need to take advantage of that. We have struggles since we are viewed as “club” on campuses, but we can change that perception with some solid policies in place ensuring our teams are operating a high level. We want to be a competitive lacrosse college league. With that some changes to our national tournament might be in the near future with a regional format in place, similar to that of the NCAA. We also want to take advantage of our population with a higher respectability factor across the nation. That will come from good public relations, solid marketing and “eye’s” on our product.

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