Gear City, Population MCLA

In case you didn’t have enough gear in your life, we are bringing you more!
Buffalo set-up

While the season is starting up for most teams around the MCLA, several are still getting in their new gear. Check out this nice collection of gear from around the league. Make sure to check this one out ALL the way through, there is an extra special surprise of gear at the end.

We’ll start off with one of my favorites, I absolutely love this gear set-up for Buffalo (PCLL D1) this year. I’d rep some if it landed at my door.

Buffalo set-up

Heading west, we find ourselves in the Evergreen State. Check out Washington State’s (PNCLL D1) new uniforms by Champion.

Wazzu Unis

How about a pair of gloves to go with those brand new uniforms?

Wazzu Wraths

Action shot (courtesy of Scrippix)!

Wazzu unis in action (Scrippix)

Staying in the PNCLL, we’ll make the short eight mile trip across the border to Idaho.

Vandal Domes and Mittens

And we all know how cold it is in Moscow. The Vandals are looking so fly this year in their warm-ups. I want a pair! #SupportYourVandalAlum

Swagged out

So aggressive in all black. The biggest gem of this post though, takes us all the way back to Boone, North Carolina. While their gloves might be stuck in the outer dimensions of space, they sent us about every picture they had of their new gear.

Appalachian State Lacrosse


Appalachian State Lacrosse

Front, back, side to side.

Appalachian State Lacrosse

All together now!

Appalachian State Lacrosse

Let’s see some action shots.

Appalachian State Lacrosse

One more you say?

Appalachian State Lacrosse

I’m exhausted. Want the world to see your gear? Whether it’s wildly outrageous or a classic look, we want to see it! Send us a few images to and we’ll be sure showcase it to the world. MCLA on my friends!


  1. Whoa, for some reason the script Mountaineers across the back waist actually looks good. I say this because most lower back logos look awful.

  2. Love the University at Buffalo gear, you should see what we were wearing in 2001 when I played there, it’s a big step up.   Even though I still love the RPM Pro gloves we had

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