Fall Ball Report: Miami University of Ohio

This Fall we’re hitting the streets in search of new information about teams around the MCLA. Next up, we’ve got a full update from Coach Wilson at Miami University of Ohio!

Editor’s note: After the success of our “Growing the Program” series last year, we knew we had to follow up with another league-wide update. So, this Fall we’re hitting the streets in search of new information about teams around the MCLA. We’re asking questions about try-outs, players to watch, team promotion, coaching changes and everything this side of the Mississippi. With that, here come our Fall Ball Reports!

Each report will feature a different MCLA team, touching on the importance of Fall Ball and anticipation of the 2012 season – which is just a few months away!

Today we talk with Coach Chuck Wilson of Miami University of Ohio.

MCLA Fan: How many players attended team tryouts this Fall?

Coach Wilson: 70.

What is your team’s Fall practice schedule?

A couple of days a week for 6  to 7 weeks.  Take a look at the freshmen, work on some basics, play a few games, and shut it down.

What is your team’s Fall game/tournament schedule?

We play Louisville, Xavier, and a tournament at West Virginia in October.  In November we play Dayton, maybe the Toledo Tournament, Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati men’s club.

What aspect(s) of your team do you hope to most improve upon from last year?

Consistency.  We were very good at times and other times were very sloppy.  It is about proper preparation, being in the right frame of mind, and game focus.  That will be especially tough for us since we have a very young team (30 Freshmen).

Who are the top 5 players we should be paying attention to this season?

Miami’s talent is pretty consistent across the team, so our leaders are normally Juniors and Seniors.  Goalie Zach Vannucci-Lee (senior)had a good season last year and has really looked good in the fall.  Attackman, Will Ryan (Junior) continues to improve and should have a strong season.  D-mid Joe Hornine (Junior) is as solid as they get in that position.  Middies Pat Shaw (Senior) and Joe Mclaughlin (Junior) lead the young middies.

Have there been any changes to your coaching staff? If so, please fill us in…

For the first time since I have been involved in the program, we have ex-players helping out with the team.  It is wonderful to see these guys getting involved.  We also have combined teams in the fall to help prepare the players better for the spring season. This allows the two coaches to work together.

What are you doing to promote your program on campus and in the community?

Our biggest efforts on campus is to be a leader among the club sports.  Get involved in the community for visibility.  Make sure we are communicating with the club sports, the athletic department, admissions, and student activities to let them know what we have going.  The next part is creating avenues for anyone coming to Miami to continue to play lacrosse.  This has all resulted in our club leading the university in student interest. 

What are your program’s top 3 goals for the upcoming 2012 season?

1. Create a positive experience to the players.  

2. Have a winning season.

3. Make the conference play-offs.

Thanks so much for speaking with us Coach Wilson. Good luck this season!

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