Fall Ball Report: Cal State Fullerton

This Fall we’re hitting the streets in search of new information about teams around the MCLA. Next up, we’ve got a full update from Coach Morrison at Cal State Fullerton!

Editor’s note: After the success of our “Growing the Program” series last year, we knew we had to follow up with another league-wide update. So, this Fall we’re hitting the streets in search of new information about teams around the MCLA. We’re asking questions about try-outs, players to watch, team promotion, coaching changes and everything this side of the Mississippi. With that, here come our Fall Ball Reports!

Each report will feature a different MCLA team, touching on the importance of Fall Ball and anticipation of the 2012 season – which is just a few months away!

Today we’re chatting with Coach Kyle Morrison of Cal State Fullerton.

MCLA Fan: How many players attended team tryouts this Fall?

Coach Morrison: 35.

What is your team’s Fall practice schedule?

We practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-6 pm.

What is your team’s Fall game/tournament schedule?

We play in four games, plus at tourney at SDSU.

What aspect(s) of your team do you hope to most improve upon from last year?

Team Unity.

Who are the top 5 players we should be paying attention to this season?

Chris Cole

Cameron Cole

Joe Wheeler

Ryan Forest

Charlie Costanzo

Have there been any changes to your coaching staff? If so, please fill us in…

We hired Mike Ansel and Johnny Glover.

What are you doing to promote your program on campus and in the community?

Email blasting.

What are your program’s top 3 goals for the upcoming 2012 season?

1. Win our Conference

2. Make it past the first round in Nationals

3. Beat a top 10 team.

Thanks so much for speaking with us Coach Morrison. Good luck this season!

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