Cougars Mount Flag, Spartans Mount Cougars

It’s come to our attention that the BYU Men’s Lacrosse Team has quite the pregame entrance. Case in point: their recent game at Michigan State University.
Michigan State Spartan lacrosse

It has come to our attention that the BYU Men’s Lacrosse Team has quite the pregame entrance. Let it be known that we haven’t actually seen this for ourselves. We have only received emails about it, which all stated it was a bit over the top.

Apparently, the Cougars have a PVC pipe base that someone sets between the restraining line and midfield before the team comes storming out of their pregame meeting. They lead with a BYU school flag. Whoever is carrying the flag mounts it in the base and jumping Cougars flail around for a minute or two. Then they go warm up while the flag stays put.

Here’s some video evidence – watch the first 15 seconds – from the BYU/Duluth game (thanks to commenter beeeeeeef for the link):

Now, normally we’d tend to agree that BYU is one of the classiest teams in the MCLA. BYU players and coaches are usually very cordial and respectful to their opponents. This type of shenanigan just seems a little out of character though, doesn’t it?

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It’d be one thing if the activity only occurred on the Cougars’ home field, but this serial flag mounting doesn’t stop there. Case in point: Michigan State University this past weekend.

For the Spartans, the BYU flag mounting may have been all they needed to see. Perhaps it actually fueled the Spartan rage.

A 10-7 win over the Cougars may not have been expected, but it was clearly an inspired W by the Spartans, who made sure to celebrate in a classy, yet vindicating way.

Singing the fight song at that particular spot on the field after a big win had to have been a very special feeling.

Us? We’re just wondering how BYU coaches explained the PVC pipe to airport security.

The full news release on MSU’s win can be found here.

  1. BYU classy? hahaha based on what? That team talks a ton of shit and tries to play mind games and the like, the flag is completely in character for them. On the field they play incredibly dirty, cheap shots, late hits, etc. Not exactlythe classiest group around, but a damn good team

  2. Planted the flag last night right on the flying “C” in the middle of Central Michigan’s home field. Victory cheering, school fight songs, that is all fine and dandy. This is just classless, regardless how good of a team you are.

  3. I think BYU’s coaches and players are class acts. I’ve worked games they played in and can say they are up there as far as teams I respect for honoring the game and their opponent.

    That being said, the flag thing is a bit over the top. There is right way to show school pride without coming off as disrespectful. VMI comes out behind a flag bearer too, but then they leave it on the bench during warm ups.

  4. #1: reminds me of T.O doing his dance on the Dallas Cowboy star…and we all know how that ended up. Surprised that a home team would allow that to happen.

    #2: the PVC pipe stand is the part the sets it over the top and is actually pretty lame if you think about it. Why go to all that trouble to plant a flag in the middle of a turf field? Even Colorado State parading out onto the field with a pirate flag circa 2006 thinks that’s amateur.

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