Commercials In All Their Glory

Super Bowl Commercials are always the best.


Editor’s Note: Peter Moore kicks off the week with a recap on Super Bowl Sunday’s commercials.


It’s Monday February 7th , and last night FOX had some surprisingly good commercials, some even enjoyable to watch. The reason for this was probably because it was the most important day in America, Super Bowl Sunday. No matter who is playing, I always need to watch this game. The Bears aren’t usually in it, but I have to watch it for the commercials.


Every year we can count on the beer commercials to be spectacular and funny.  Bud Light was able to do this.  Bud Light has “Dog Sitting” as well as “Product Placement” as their top two commercials.


Another staple in the Super Bowl commercial game is Doritos.  Every year they seem to have great commercials, this year they had the “Pug Attack” and “House Sitting” as two heaving hitting ads.

coca-cola, bears, ad

Coca Cola always seems to go in a different direction with their ads.  Lots of cool pictures and images, but the punch line is always a little difficult to get.  At least the dragons look cool.  I personally like the slapstick of Pepsi this year, who doesn’t like to see some guy get hit in the nuts?

My favorite commercial of the night, though, had to be in the third quarter.  It was not the funniest or my favorite product, but it was one awesome montage of… Detroit?  Yeah Detroit, Motor City, Eminem and his music with Chrysler. This commercial was awesome to watch, and even gave me some goosebumps.  It definitely had the strongest meaning behind it, not just pushing the sale of a car, but pushing the sale of a whole city.  If you already saw it, watch it again, and again, and again.  I have.  “Imported From Detroit”

Every commercial was enjoyable, and we were always waiting for the next stop in play just to watch something a bit more exciting.  Although, the game was probably great for Steelers and Packers fans. A Bears fan myself, I was not the most amused with the lack of big plays and questionable quarterbacks (We missed Jay Cutler this week).  The coolest play of the game was definitely the two-point conversion for the Steelers, this being because Indiana University’s very own Antwaan Randle El scored it.  Besides that play it was just a game for me, a game that I will have to see the highlights of on SportsCenter for the next week.  I just hope Coach Tumbas doesn’t take his frustration out on us tonight because of the Steelers.

Now for some lax chat.  Week four of practice starts tonight and with only two weeks before our first game, its getting pretty exciting.  Everyone seems to be playing harder and faster.  The Coaches believe that since we only have ninety minutes for practice, we have to get started faster and be ready to go before practice starts.  And not ready to go with gear on, but ready to go in the sense of not needing to warm up to be able to throw a perfect pass, and being able to hit the cage on the first shot. We need to be more efficient these next two weeks. The late nights make this a bit tougher to accomplish. Tonight’s practice starts at 11:30, and you better believe that a phat nap will take place before that.  Practice is my favorite time of the day, no matter what time it is at, so 11:30 is okay to me as long as I get to play lacrosse.

My production team here in the dorm is working on a very special video, hopefully for next week.  I don’t have too much to say about it, except that it’s AWESOME.  Well mostly because I am pretty awesome so basically whatever I make is just as awesome.  Be on the lookout for the video.

Until next week friends, Live and Let Lax.

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