Breaking News: Coach Euker OUT At Mizzou Lacrosse

We’re getting big news in from the MCLA. Coach Keith Euker has been let go by the Mizzou Lacrosse Team. Did not see this coming…
Missouri lacrosse mizzou
Mizzou lax.

We’re getting word on the wires that Coach Keith Euker has been fired by the Mizzou Lacrosse team.

The rumors and supposed reasons and circumstances are flying, but until we get more concrete info from those directly involved, we will refrain from publishing any conjecture.  All we will say for certain is that Coach Euker was let go, and he did not resign.

On an opinion side of things… Wow.  Euker seemed to have Mizzou heading in the right direction with a 2nd place finish in the conference, conference coach of the year, being ranked 23rd in the MCLA, AND garnering post-season awards for nine of the Mizzou players, but hey what do we know?  We did interview Euker last year though… he seemed to be on the right track then too!

Crazy news coming out of the MCLA on the regular.  412 has SO MUCH MORE!

Missouri lacrosse mizzou
Mizzou lax.

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