BREAKING: 2012 MCLA Tournament Site Chosen


Um….yeah.  Denver haters rejoice?  Collegelax is reporting on Twitter that the site has been chosen.  This marks … well, a shift.  A decidedly eastern shift.  Eastern Standard Time shift.  For a league that has never had a champion in either division from east of Michigan…

And what about Greenville itself?  What MCLA presence does it have?  Furman Univer— oh wait, no… Furman just canceled their season.  No MCLA presence in the city.  Oddness.

Well, since I posted an article covering some criteria for a new tournament, certainly this city has a major airport.  Certainly, it must, in order to accommodate the teams coming from all corners of the country.  Oh, what’s that?  It doesn’t?  This is becoming more of a head scratcher.  It’s only three hours from Atlanta by freeway, which will be very convenient for the teams based in Atlanta.

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At the tournament in Denver last month, MCLA brass was discussing the lack of bids they had received.  The only two realistic options they had on the table were Denver and, you guessed it: Greenville.  It was laughed off at the time.  But now it’s a reality.  I guess all the hating on Denver struck a nerve.  So now we’ll never have tornadoes again will we?  Because a place like Greenville will NEVER have serious weather…right?  Maybe not…just read this weather report from the Greenville area in March.

Ever since the @collegelax tweet about an hour ago, there has been radio silence.  As soon as we get official statements we will bring them to you.

What do you think of the tournament being in South Carolina?  Tell us in the comments.

Plan on bringing your rain jackets…with the metal plating in the sleeves:

  1. Miami? That would be epic! I can’t imagine playing 2 sports in college – especially at the D1 level. Must have been exhausting… but fun nonetheless.

  2. The Flacco/ Brady combo is devastating for fantasy. I wonder how low Flacco went in your draft?

    Also major props to anyone who can excel playing in front of those hometown fans. Too often people view it as a distraction instead of a positive.

  3. Very bad decision. This will just end up costing teams on a tight budget more and no way they can produce the same atmosphere there as in denver!

      1. It’s the 11th biggest airport in the US and 25th biggest in the world.  It serves as USAirways primary east coast hub, and is serviced by all major airlines.

          1. The stats I quoted are apparently dated, so I have to correct myself… it’s the 7th biggest in the world when measured by number of flights.  If you say that’s too small you’d limit the MCLA tourney to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA and Houston as options.

  4. Went to highschool there for about a year before transferring back to Portland.  You can bet its going to be hotter then hell and your going to sweat your balls off….

  5. I know as a fact San Diego put in a very serious bid to host. its an absolute shame that they were over looked by the mcla as the weather is perfect, beautiful city, plenty of facilities, and great lacrosse. I think this choice is an overreaction to the complaints by the pcll and selc of a west coast bias and the inconvenience those 2 teams have traveling west for the tourney

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