Bracket Set for 2014 MCLA Championship

Everybody loves Selection Sunday, so I call this MCLA Monday.

This past weekend wrapped up the conference tourneys and the field of 16 has been decided.

We get to take a look at who’s in and who’s out, so with out further adieu….

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Division 1

2014 MCLA lacrosse championship tournament bracket

Automatic Bids

CCLA: Michigan State

GRLC: Indiana

LSA: Texas

PCLL: Northeastern

PNCLL: Simon Fraser

RMLC: Colorado

SELC: Virginia Tech

SLC: Arizona State

UMLC: U-Minn Duluth

WCLL: Cal Poly

Accepted Bids

Boston College, BYU, Chapman, Colorado State, UCSB, Westminster


Davenport (10-5)(5-0), Liberty (14-4)(5-0), Florida State (12-1)(4-0), Georgia Tech (11-4)(5-0), SMU (13-2)(6-0), Texas State (14-3)(6-0), Grand Canyon (10-4)(3-1)


Yes, I believe 3 SELC team were potential snubs because 3 RMLC teams made it in. How does Westminster’s team go 11-5 overall, 1-3 in conference, get a look over Florida State who was 12-1 overall and 4-0 in the conference with their only loss falling to Liberty in the playoffs?

Westminster also grabbed a higher seed than a handful of conference champions with better records. I like the Griffins, but this is confusing.

UCSB, BYU, Chapman and Boston College are understandable. No offense, but CSU got in because of the repeat back to back championships and somehow Westminster rode in on their backs.

I’m excited for the week no matter what! I know the 16 teams competing down in California will represent their conferences and schools well and competition will be at its highest (and hottest)!

Division 2

2014 MCLA lacrosse championship tournament bracket

Automatic Bids

CCLA: Grand Valley State

GRLC: Missouri Valley

PCLL: Coast Guard

PNCLL: Western Washington

RMLC: Montana State

SELC: Reinhardt

SLC: Concordia

UMLC: St. Johns

Accepted Bids

Dayton, Indiana Tech, Florida Gulf Coast, Grove City, North Dakota State, St. Thomas, SCAD, Western Oregon


Lourdes (11-3)(1-2), Charleston (8-2)(4-0), Elon (8-2)(3-0), Briarcliffe (7-4)(4-0), DePaul (10-3)(3-0), Northern Colorado (10-3)(7-0), Northern Arizona (9-4)(4-1)

WCLL Champion Nevada-Reno and LSA Champs Sam Houston State were both conference champions but were left with less than quality regular season records. I do understand why they didn’t get a shot at the tournament, but it’s still weird to win a conference tourney and not grab an auto-bid. Especially when Indiana Tech and SCAD were nothing special.


Lourdes was a first year team what made big waves this year in Division II. They didn’t finish that hot in conference, but they sit behind the powerful Grove City and Dayton in the CCLA South.

Elon, Briarcliffe, DePaul, Northern Colorado and Northern Arizona all also had solid years. I would have chosen any of these squads above the 7-6 SCAD Bees. The Bees got beat up when the went north to the Midwest and I don’t see them winning in Round 1 against the Western Oregon Wolves.


To find out more information about the venues, games, lodging and more visit the MCLA website!

All games will be made available for viewing only on, with more details coming soon.

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